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User Info: Skygor_II

8 years ago#1
I always kept missing the Full Moon in this game. Now I know why: the moon rotates in the wrong direction! It seems that this island must be on a different planet. Or the programers made the moon like reading i.e. left to right.

Fun Facts
Ebb: the tide lowering and going to sea.
Flow: the tide rising and coming to the shore
Spring Tide: highest tide during a New or Full Moon
Neap Tide: lowest tide during a Quarter Moon.

User Info: Keaton64

8 years ago#2
In a world where small traps break after picking up a single rat.......That was very perceptive, I honestly didn't know enough about the moon to notice something like that. Do you still play LiB often, and if so, which ones have you played?

User Info: VeedoEWU

8 years ago#3
Thanks for that info!

Honestly, though, in this version, the moon and tides are just conversation. The fish and animals are always in the same places regardless of what our partners say. Hurricanes are on a 20 day cycle, give or take a day....I kept weather charts as I played each of the characters...lol. :)
Some people see things as they are and ask, "Why?" I see things as they aren't and ask "Why not?"
~John F. Kennedy~
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