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  3. I could not be the only one who read that as "Dairy Girl".

User Info: SocialAssassin

11 years ago#1
Have a little priest.
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User Info: commonyoshimon

11 years ago#2
The Mr. Snicket in me waves hello.
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User Info: NuVanDibe

11 years ago#3
thats what i thought it read.
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User Info: DarkNight11

11 years ago#4
I know I did...

damn, that would've made the game better. >_>
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User Info: ROFLMONSTER_azn

11 years ago#5
i was about to go on this board and type in milk me dairy girl >_<

rest assured....ur not the only one

User Info: Fishbulb

11 years ago#6
LOL That's what I first read!

I'm thinking it involves doing quests to become the Dairy Queen.

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User Info: Fireburn13

11 years ago#7
Guilty! I mean, I haven't looked up anything about this game, but I guarantee that a girl milking a cow and churning butter is far more entertaining than a diary.
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User Info: mustbejokin

11 years ago#8
Don't worry you're not alone
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User Info: KittyKatLaura12

11 years ago#9
That's what I though.. with all the lame pet games I wouldn't be a bit surprised if there was one involving cows... >.>
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User Info: Jerreldulay

11 years ago#10
My subconsciousness interpreted this game as "Dairy Girl" because I didn't want it to be "Diary Girl"... It sounded like Harvest Moon for girls minus everything except the cows.
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  3. I could not be the only one who read that as "Dairy Girl".
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