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  3. Tips for Space Marines against the Tau Stronghold?

User Info: MasterRidley

13 years ago#1
I'm attacking the Tau Stronghold as Space Marines, and I only have the Artificer Armor and Daemonhammer wargear, as well as Scout Honor Guard. I always seem to get overwhelmed by a HUUUUGE number of Tau forces attack my west front and sometimes my eastern front while my forces are assaulting the beacons.


User Info: tcchip82

13 years ago#2
You've answered your own question: destroy the side bases first. You have plenty of time to deal with the beacons, and each one destroyed will raise the timer. Try to capture the Ar'ka cannon early in the game: its damage is weak, but you don't want them to use it on your every minute, so even if you're not going to be using it much, it's better to prevent them to use it as well. It's not entirely a dud if you can use your infitrated snipers to spot, then rain it down on a Hammerhead or Broadside. As with all the other strongholds in SS, this mission is one of pure attrition. You just need to wear the AI out bit by bit until they have nothing left.

In general, I advise building Tempests after hitting T2. It's useful enough for most situations, although it's a bad idea to pit them against Stealthsuits, Broadsides and Hammerheads. When you hit T3, don't be stingy with your orbital bombardment.

User Info: Juppies

13 years ago#3
In addition to the above, try not to turtle until you reach T4 before you advance. You only have 2 strategic points after capturing your forward base, and that's barely enough to sustain an economy.

As you're playing SM, their T2 tactical squads with Dreadnaughts and/or Tempests should be more than sufficient to deal with the base beside the Ar'Ka cannon. Get the Dreadnaught and your FC with Artificer Armor to tank Kroot hounds while your HB team shoot them down. That strat point should be your new point to hold, since the enemies will barely come from the left any more.

Following the capture of that point, take the Ar'Ka critical point. Defend against the re-capture wave, and your economy should be pretty sweet. As you're teching up to T3 or T3.5, you could also try to attack the strategic point to the right of the critical point, to boost your income.

Stronghold missions are all about attrition, and to survive that you'll need money all the time. Once you start advancing full force though, your income should be all too healthy.

Go one round to take out the beacon bases, then advance towards the relic. By this time, fierce enemy forces should be assaulting your west, so send your assault force to help out in the defences.
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User Info: MasterRidley

13 years ago#4
Generally, what would be the best weapon upgrades for my SM units? Also, would setting up 9 turrets on both my fronts be better than having most of them to the west, since that's where they seem to come out of the most? Oh, and Fire Warriors are also a problem because they like to hassle my turrets when they're out of range of its fire.

And Krootoxen and Crisis suits are btoh huge pains in the ass. Any tips on those?

User Info: extremegunner

13 years ago#5
My strategy when using SM against the Tau:
Have forward base ability, and buy all the buildings
Tech up and build a reasonable size of squads with 2 Predators
Destroy the 2 beacon and capture the Tau's cannon
Do not destroy the thrid beacon and destroy Tau's forward base in the area while pushing towards their main base.

The reason for not destroying their 3rd beacon is that the Tau will spam their troop like no tomorrow towards your base after it is destroyed. You should have plenty of time to wipe out their main base without much resistance
Hope it helps.

User Info: Juppies

13 years ago#6
9 turrets is pretty much overkill, even on Hard. Then again, if it's the best defence you got, go for it. I'll definitely say place it to the left of your 3rd strategic point (the one beside the Cannon), since when you're advancing via the right, enemies would only approach from there (so you pretty much choked it).

For upgrades, I usually get two full ML squads, one full HB squad, one Flamer + Plasma squad. This is if my scouts survive (they are equipped with Sniper rifles). If my scouts die, I will get another tac squad with HB. This, plus Grey Knights and two Termi squads should fill your 20 cap. You can get Assault Marines, but I don't find much use for them when 2 ML squads generally massacre vehicles.

HB does the same damage to Heavy Infantry as Plasma does. Their disadvantage is the set-up time. So, pick what you like best.
Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall in an open sewer and die. Mel Brooks

User Info: Juppies

13 years ago#7
By the way, Crisis suits should fall quickly under mass HB fire. Couple that with an Assault Termi attack and they're meat. For Krootox, tangle them with Grey Knights (who do fantastic damage against Daemons) attached with a Librarian or Chaplain, while you whistle its life away with HB.
Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall in an open sewer and die. Mel Brooks

User Info: kikklik

13 years ago#8
if i remember, i beat this mission using about 5 sniper teams, my leader and 5 krak air fighters. i first took the beacon on the right then went after their main base taking the arc cannon on the way. the map took 20-25 mins to beat, but i was playing on normal.

User Info: sadomaster_1

13 years ago#9
Simply: Kill 'em all, KILL 'EM ALL!!!
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User Info: iuns

13 years ago#10
Can anyone elaborate on the armies they use, cause I just rushed their main stronghold with 2 predators; 2 dreadnoughts; 16 terminators; 27 standard marines and they got owned in under 20 seconds - not one of them touched the headquaters....

And to win do you just have to destory their main headquaters, or their entire main base ?

Think i'm gonna start again on easy...
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