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User Info: pabster212

13 years ago#1
so i have recently purchased soulstorm and dark crusade and im trying to start playing as a new race. i used to play as Imperial guard but i have gotten tired of them so i switched to tau. i have been getting OWNED recently and i was just wondering what are some of your guyses stratageys?

User Info: F1_2004

13 years ago#2
It kind of depends on what you're facing, but generally speaking you want to start out with a builder and 2/3 stealth squads for capping. Build barracks then generator (or other way round if you're confident), then listening posts. You want to get out your commander and a fire squad asap since your stealth suits do no damage.

Also, if you're facing an enemy that has decent/good melee units, you must either have at least 2 fire warrior squads which you can use to dance around with one and shoot with the other, or at least one kroot squad to tie up enemy in melee while your squads shoot. Tau ranged units are absolutely terrible in melee, and melee units are absolutely terrible at range, so keep that in mind when engaging.

Tau's big break comes in T2 when they get the range+damage upgrade for their fire warriors, and pathfinders to give you huge field of vision. Also, the kroot leap upgrade makes sure enemies don't get near your fire warriors. If you can get to T2 quickly, use all of the above, and make effective use of fire warrior lines + kroot shield + pathfinder spotting, and do it all very accurately, your enemy needs to do some very serious work to beat you.

User Info: The_White2086

13 years ago#3
Ok, try this
From the HQ que up Stealthsuit, Stealthsuit, SS jump packs, Earth Caste Builder
With your builder build Baracks, Generator, Generator (2nd builder should pop out about the same time as the baracks is done and jump pack research should be finishing as your first SS is finishing caping the first point)
You now have a massive speed bonus over other races. Use one SS to jump pack around capping points while the other harrases
From the Baracks you'll want a Fire Warrior squad and your commander.

From there it is pretty situational what you build but that should give you a solid start and unless your opponent gets early detection you have great harrassment abilities with stealthed jump troops
I'm seriously laughing my ass off right now at those names. I wish I was Maleysia's boss, so I could be all like "IMMA FIRIN' MALEYSIA" - mootoast

User Info: noob_of_destiny

13 years ago#4
Here's how I play as Mont'ka Tau.

First of all, here's a starting build order.
Cadre Headquarters: Stealthsuit, builder, Stealthsuit.
1st builder: Tau Barracks
2nd builder: Plasma Generator
Tau Barracks: Tau Commander, Fire Warriors x 2
Builders: Listening Posts

From there too much deviation for fixed build order. Work towards establishing econ and building Path to Enlightenment. If you get in combat use Stealthsuits to spot and Snare Traps to keep enemies from getting in melee. If you get power econ up and running by Tier 2 (4 generators or so) you can get a Drone Harbinger and spam the enemy with drones. Otherwise get more Fire Warriors , a Broadside or two and perhaps a Pathfinder Team for vision and dig in. You call if you want to keep Stealthsuits and upgrade for anti-vehicle duty. As you build Mont'ka command post get a Skyray or two for more anti-vehicle. From there just try and get out Flamer equipped Crisis Suits, Hammerheads (these things rock), and Ethereal (which gets you Shas'ui Bodyguard). If you do get a full Tier 4 army not much can stop Mont'ka Tau, except maybe Space Marines (damn orbital bombardment and deep strike, damn them to hell!).

As you can tell, I don't bother with melee units at all in almost all situations. As far as Greater Knarloc, I only build it if I need to take down a relic unit. It has no area of effect or disruption, so watch out for getting swamped with melee infantry.

User Info: noob_of_destiny

13 years ago#5
My bad, double post.

As mentioned by previous posters make sure to get jump packs after second stealthsuit. Be aware that detection is difficult for Tau. I generally use Pathfinder Squads with my army and my Ethereal for my base.

User Info: The_White2086

13 years ago#6
Kauyon(sp?) is pretty much the same build order except that you'll be using 1 or 2 skyrays and the rest of your vehicle cap on Barracudas (broadsides or more skyrays are also good) and your FWs will have insane range. If you go that way, definately keep your SS around for spotting (warriors will have large range than sight) and upgrade them for anti-vehicle. Again, a full T4 Kauyon army is damn hard to kill simply due to the range that they fire at and the amount of time enemies spend taking damage before they get in range.
I'm seriously laughing my ass off right now at those names. I wish I was Maleysia's boss, so I could be all like "IMMA FIRIN' MALEYSIA" - mootoast

User Info: tcchip82

13 years ago#7
Oh, and BTW, don't reinforce your Stealthsuits at the start. At 90 requision per unit, they're ridiculously expensive for T1 units, and they don't become useful in combat until after you get a Path to Enlightenment and replace their crappy gun with the fusion blaster.

User Info: tcchip82

13 years ago#8
Sorry, my bad, 65 requisition per unit.

User Info: pokemaniac1342

13 years ago#9
Builder SS SS jumpacks

Barracks -> Plasma Gen

Tau Commander ASAP, Vespid ASAP

Go harass the crap out of their cappers and bust LPs/gens with Vespids. Vespid/TC rape T1 with jump and big damage in general. Meanwhile get 2 squads of FW, tier up, add a gen during tiering, range upgrade ASAP, add pathfinders to your army, win. Tau play pretty similar to DE in that you can grab map control in early T1 and stay ahead the whole game.

Or spam Barracudas and win. That always works.
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