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  3. Anyone managed to complete a campaign on hard?

User Info: squall212

13 years ago#1

User Info: the_hunger

13 years ago#2
I started playing the Sisters campaign on hard, but quickly got trapped between IG and Ork territories with 10+ defense ratings. To top if off, each of their commanders miraculously had huge honor guards without conquering many territories. It was just ridiculous. I had to start the game over on medium. However, doing so made the campaign too easy, and I finished it without losing a single battle.

User Info: Winter9

13 years ago#3
Getting close to beating it on hard as the Orks-cleaned out everyone but Chaos and the Dark Eldar.

User Info: Bitaku

13 years ago#4
Beat it with IG.

Took every stronghold myself...comps didn't really fight much. >_>
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User Info: searingSKITSO

13 years ago#5
stuck on hard with SM. damn dark eldar has only like 3 honor guard but it starts the game out with so many units. ya medium is to easy.

User Info: Darkenings

13 years ago#6
I completed the SM campaign in hard. The worst was the Tau Stronghold. The ork one is the easiest, for me at least.

Now I'm playing necrons and Tau in hard and it's waaaaaaay easier. Cloaking helps a lot if you can kill detectors fast enough.

User Info: HUNK07

13 years ago#7
I completed the Space Marine campaign on hard as well. The Tau hq was extremely tough, but probably the most fun. Dark Eldar gave me more trouble than anyone else though. That territory right before their hq is absolutely ridiculous, what with there being two bases (the first time you fight there, at least). Kahril beat Boreale 1v1 more often than I'd like to say, and I even had full wargear before I started fighting the panzees.
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User Info: NeoJester

13 years ago#8
I've also completed the Tau and Necron campaigns on Hard. The Necrons were tricky starting out, but most of the stronghold strategies turned into "get lord to headquarters --> Nightbringer." As for the Tau, the ranged superiority makes everything that much easier. I'm on my way to completing the Space Marines, but I'm encountering massive slowdown in the Imperial Guard stronghold, which is a major pain.
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User Info: Seishoumaru

13 years ago#9
Beat SoB. Working on IG, Tau and SM simultaneously now.

User Info: Deathy5656

13 years ago#10
i don't really understand why people make such big ruckus out of the hard difficulty.

basically it's like playing numerous skirmish levels on the harder difficulties, except that you or the enemy might have extra units in the beginning. only levels that provide challenge are certain stronghold missions and those annoying take and hold maps with two enemy bases.

as for me, im almost done with the campaign, two planets conquered completely and third is on it's way.

and yeah, it's pretty weird that the difficulty jump between medium and hard is so big. hard can provide challenge from time to time, medium is all about slowly killing everything without ever losing, even the stronghold missions. i haven't even tried on easy but it must be pretty... easy :P
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  3. Anyone managed to complete a campaign on hard?
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