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User Info: UlTiMaTe_GaMeR4

12 years ago#51

i noticed the necron army sitting in there base for a couple turns in campaign, but they gained honour guard, which might be from other territories they own though (since the player is the only one who starts out with like 1 territory lol)

im using the campaign to get used to the dark eldar, they and the sisters of battle feel like the Imp Guard in some ways.

User Info: tcchip82

12 years ago#52
This was posted awhile back, but was deleted by a moderator because I accidentally slipped in a rude word, so I'll post it again.

Let me try to give a quick recap as to what the faction power-ups do.

Sisters of Battle - Forward Base. Allows you to pay points so that you start with a barracks, armoury, 4 power generators and 4 turrets (except when playing Tau or Dark Eldar, which get replaced with another building). On the Tau and Dark Eldar stronghold missions where you only get a base later, these buildings will be transported in together with your HQ. Also, if you paid for a forward base and won the mission, the structures will remain in your garrison, making this arguably the best factional power up in the game.

Space Marines - Deep Strike Allows you to pay points to start with troops on OFFENSIVE, NON-STRONGHOLD missions only. The troops are added on top of your Honor Guard if you have any, and unlike your Honor Guard, it doesn't matter if they all die in the fight. So long as you conquer the territory, you can use this again on your next conquest. Ifantry are not fully reinforced like Honor Guard however. Note:To use this, go to YOUR OWN stronghold, click 'Reinforce', click the arrow next to your garrison until the Deep Strike option appears, and pay for them. You also need to manually select them again before you attack, during the screen that shows your Honor Guard.

Imperial Guard - Decreased Production Costs This lowers the cost of all point-based actions by 30%. This extends to Honor Guard units and the Forward Base. Very good IMHO.

Orks - Faster population growth Your garrison for all your conquered territories slowly build up over several turns, starting with the cheapest unit first. If you pay to garrison your builder units first, then next in line to be added for free will be your basic infantry. It's halfway useful, since you can always remove the garrisons from your less exposed territories to get the points.

Eldar - Increased movement speed Allows you 3x the move/attack distance. Basically a mini Star Port. Combine this with the Dark Eldar's faction power-up and you can virtually hit in any sequence you want.

Dark Eldar - free Ancient Gate travel Basically means you don't have to follow the standard pathways for webway gates, allowing you to move to any webway gate on any planet.

Necrons - Recover Lost Forces You get one Honor Guard unit for free every few turns. Obviously, if all your Honor Guard are alive and well this does nothing.

Chaos - Ignore Supply Lines Allows you to collect full requisition points from unlinked territories. Quite useless, since you'll normally hit provinces next to each other anyway.

Tau - Ar'ka Space Cannon Quite frankly, worthless. In theory, it's supposed to lower the strength of the garrison you're attacking, but I've yet to see a difference. Although when the CPU uses it at you, you can expect to lose one or two garrison units before the battle starts if you're unlucky.

Other points to note:
- Auto resolving a battle will weaken the strength of your province, and you'll likely lose garrison units and structures even at full strength against a strength 2 army.
- NEVER use auto-resolve if your commander is in the territory you're defending or your Honor Guard will die by the droves.
- In the provinces with the webway gates, you either capture and hold over 50% of the strategic points for 6 minutes, or COMPLETELY ANNIHILATE the opposing side's forces and bases. Makes fighting the Tau a real pain to say the least due to their cloaked units.

User Info: weebaggy

12 years ago#53


User Info: Deaths_Blade

11 years ago#54
Regarding AI Wargear:

It's logical to assume that for every piece you get, the AI also gets one too. Can anyone confirm this?
Forgive me my nonsense as I forgive, the nonsense of those who think they talk sense. - Robert Frost.

User Info: Delinphius

11 years ago#55
From what I noticed AI commanders do indeed collect war gear.

User Info: Xyzyx

8 years ago#56
tcchip82 posted...
Chaos - Ignore Supply Lines Allows you to collect full requisition points from unlinked territories. Quite useless, since you'll normally hit provinces next to each other anyway.

What it's meant to do is allow you to ignore making sure you have multiple lines between your stronghold and your commander or outer territories. You can just make a beeline straight for enemy strongholds and kill them ASAP, then fortify them so the AI can't do the same to you. Unfortunately it rarely works out that way, because the AI spends a lot of the early-game fighting itself, and by the late game you'll have taken over those middle territories anyway for the requisition and honor guard.
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