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User Info: Lum1n0us

13 years ago#1
Given the amount of new people here posting the same topics again and again I decided to make an FAQ in an attempt to clear the boards a little. To get to part of the FAQ quickly use ctrl+F and enter the text in parentheses.

1: What reason is there for 9 armies fighting one another? (RSN)
2: New Races (NWR)
3: What is DOW? (WIS)
4: Is Soulstorm a stand alone expansion? (SAE)
5: If I only have Soulstorm will I be able to play with my friend who has X games? (OHS)
6: I keep seeing squad broken metal boxes, and oh yeah everywhere. What is that stuff? (WTF)
7: I'm new to DOW and I'm having trouble getting better at it. What should I do? (WSID)
8: What are the new units? (WNU)
9: I've heard this game has really long load times. How bad are they? (LD)
10: Where can I buy Soulstorm? (WIB)
11: What mods are out for Soulstorm? (MD)
12: Any new on a patch? (PN)
13:Tech Trees for Dark Eldar (DE) and Sisters of Battle. (SoB)


1: What reason is there for the 9 armies to fight each other? (RSN)
I'll provide an answer to this for each race.

Imperial Guard: Despite having been struggling for control over the system from Orks for decades the new guard commander is determined to retake the Karuva system and turn it into an example of the Emporers magnificence. Nothing can stand in their way.

Sisters Of Battle: The sisters are extremely zealous, and with the warp storm breaking out they've come to the conclusion that it was likely the fault of at least one if not all the other factions. Even though the Blood Ravens and Imperial Guard aren't likely to be the cause, there's no way they could have escaped uncorrupted.

Blood Ravens: Having originally arrived to aid the beleaguered Guard they quickly found themselves surrounded by enemies and cut off by the warp storm. Thinking that the guardsmen may have been corrupted by chaos the marines decide that it's better to eliminate that possibility. When the sisters demand that the marines be purged or submit to the inquisition they resist.

Dark Eldar: A race that survives by stealing the souls of others, they find the Karuva system to be cut off by the warp storm. With 8 other races waging war they'll have plenty of opportunities to pillage.

Necrons: Having been recently awakened the Necrons are now able to resume their quest to exterminate all life. However they find themselves surrounded by the very thing they seek to destroy. They will spare nothing to wipe the system clean.

Eldar: Having prophesied the return of their ancient foes, the Necrons, the Eldar have returned to Karuva to stop this threat once and for all. The Eldar know that no other race can be trusted to watch for a Necron return and so must also eliminate the lesser species.

Tau: Using the warp storm as cover the tau have come to Karuva to establish a foothold in this part of space. They will take the system by any means necessary, all in the name of the Greater Good.

Ork: Having waged war for control of Karuva with the guard and being beaten back time and again the Orks have found a new leader, Gorgutz. With this powerful new leader taking Karuva will be a fight the Orks can not only enjoy, but win.

Chaos: Making use of the warp storm the Alpha Legion has taken this opportunity to attack this system of the Imperium. The legion aims to overwhelm this system and use it as a foothold for further campaigns against the Imperium.
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User Info: Lum1n0us

13 years ago#2
2: What are the new races? (NWR)

The new races are the Sisters of Battle and the Dark Eldar. Both races have a new system added to them. The Dark Eldar collect souls from fallen soldiers and use them to unleash special powers, while the Sisters use faith (which they collect from upgraded listening posts and special units) to do the same.

The Sisters have decent anti-vehicle capabilities and make heavy use of flamers. They're units aren't quit as numerous as the Imperial Guard, nor are they as strong as Space Marines. Instead they play somewhat like a cross between the two, giving them both strength and numbers.

The Dark Eldar are a race that revolves around hit and runs. Although they use speed to make use of their good firepower, they have to be careful as they don't have a lot of health. As such, many people accurately call them glass cannons.

3: What is DOW Soulstorm? (WIS)

DOW Soulstorm is an expansion to the DOW real time strategy series originally released by Relic in 2004. Previous expansions include Winter Assault and Dark Crusade. Soulstorm has a somewhat steep multiplayer learning curve but this is somewhat offset by the tutorial and skirmish mode.

4: Is Soulstorm a stand alone expansion or do I need the previous games? (SAE)

Soulstorm is a stand alone expansion, meaning that you can play it without any of the previous games. However if you want to use a race besides Dark Eldar or Sisters of Battle, you'll need the other games.
Dawn Of War adds Space Marines, Eldar, Orks, and Chaos. Winter Assault adds the Imperial Guard. Dark Crusade rounds it off by adding the Necrons and the Tau.

5: If I only have Soulstorm can I play with my friend who has X previous game? (OHS)

The version compatibilities work like this:
Dawn of War, Winter Assault, Dark Crusade are compatible with Dark Crusade games and Dawn of War games. Soulstorm races are only available if the opponent has Soulstorm too. However Soulstorm players can play against people with all/any expansions or games.

6: I keep seeing "squad broken," "metal boxes," and "oh yeah!" everywhere. What is it? (WTF)

The OH YEAAAHH!! thing is from a Caiphas Cain book, "The Traitors Hand" It's a fad started on the Dark Crusade forums. One of the lines from the book involves a Slaanesh worshiper killing someone and screaming OH YEAH!

Squad Broken is a fanfiction that I advise you to stay far away from. if your intelligent and curious you can figure out where to get it on your own.

Metal Boxes is from a line in Soulstorm in which the chaos leader calls rhinos metal boxes.

7: I'm new to DOW and need some help getting better. What should I do?( WSID)

A lot of tips are race specific so rather than post strategies for each race I'll post a few basic tips.

1:Try to tie up enemy shooters with some melee units, or if your getting outshot either retreat or charge in and melee if you can win the melee.
2: Make sure you avoid floating, that is to say you should never have a surpluss of requisition or power unless your saving up for a specific unit or building. Anything above 500 is probably bad.
3: Learn build orders for your race and practicing micro-managing a battle and upgrading/building simultaneously.
4: Before playing online make sure that you can consistently beat the computer, most people agree that hard mode or higher is the best route.
5: Just because you can reinforce doesn't mean you should, early game your better off teching, building, or making more squads.
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User Info: Lum1n0us

13 years ago#3
8: What are the new units? (WNU)

The new units (outside of DE and SoB ground units) are all air units, with the exception of the Necrons.

Heres a list by race.
Eldar: Nightwing; An anti-air/vehicle unit.

Imperial Guard: Maurader Bomber; Harasses enemy infantry with special abilities.

Necron: Deceiver; The only new land unit, the deceiver uses tricks to fool his enemies.

Orks: Fighta-Bomma; Used for disrupting enemy infantry.

Tau: Barracuda; Arguably the best current air unit, the barracuda is good at both anti-infantry and anti-vehicle, so long as it's handled with a little care.

Space Marine: Land Speeder Tempest; I havn't heard much about or seen this unit used but I hear it's decent against both infantry and vehicles once upgraded.

Chaos: Hell Talon; This is one of the best air units, mainly because it's upgrade, virus-bomb, is so good against infantry.

Dark Eldar: Raven; It has an ability that can temporarily disable vehicles and turrets, however it lacks decent weapons.

Sisters Of Battle: Lightning Fighter; Used as an anti-air unit it also fairs alright against some infantry.

9: How bad are the loading times? (LD)

Loading times very from person to person, for certain parts of campaign I've heard anywhere from 45 seconds to 10 minutes, I personally take about 5 minutes on most parts. Multiplayer however loads just fine.

10: Where can I buy Soulstorm? (WIB)

You can buy Soulstorm from most retailers, or download it off of steam. Although steam has longer installation times.

11: What mods are there for Soulstorm? (MD)

There aren't any soulstorm specific mods out yet, seeing as how the game is new. Some of the mods for Dark Crusade have been said to work for soulstorm.

12: Any news on a patch? (PN)
Relic has confirmed that a patch is in the works and should be out “imminently.”
However that’s far from a release date, so it could be weeks or it could be months.
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User Info: Lum1n0us

13 years ago#4
Sisters of Battle (SoB)

Ecclesiarchal Chapel; Builds Servitors (builders), Missionaries, and Confessors. Can be upgraded to an Ecclesiarchal Cathedral and later an Ecclesiarchal Citadel. Requires a Servitor to build it.

Adepta Sororitas Convent; Builds Battle Sisters, Canoness, Seraphim, Sisters Repentia, Celestian, and Dealth Cult Assassins. Can research faster reinforcement for infantry. Requires Ecclesiarchal Chapel.

Pristine Sanctuary; Purchases infantry upgrades. Requires Ecclesiarchal Chapel.

Listening Post; A defensive structure to help hold strategic points. Can purchase defensive upgrades as well as increased requisition upgrades. Can also purchase an upgrade that provides Faith. Requires Ecclesiarchal Chapel.

Plasma Generator; Produces power. Can purchase an increased power rate upgrade. Requires Ecclesiarchal Chapel.

Purgatus Mine Fields; Bursts into flames upon contact with the enemy. Requires Ecclesiarchal Chapel.

Inferno Turret; Defesnive structure that detects enemy infiltrators and lays down suppressive fire. Can be upgraded to be affective against vehicles. Requires Pristine Sanctuary or Adepta Sororitos Convent.

Manufactorum; Builds Rhinos, Immolators, Exorcists, Penitent Engines, and Lighting Fighters. Purchases vehicle upgrades. Requires Ecclesiarchal Cathedral.

Holy Reliquary; Provides commander upgrades and allows a Confessor to be built. Requires Ecclesiarchal Cathedral.

Shrine of The Living Saint; Builds the Living Saint. (Assuming you have a relic.) Requires Ecclesiarchal Citadel.
Truth seldom makes room for comfort.

User Info: Lum1n0us

13 years ago#5
Dark Eldar

Kabal Fortress; Builds Tortured Slaves, Mandrakes, and the Haemonculus. Purchases Planetary Raid and Planetary Strike add ons. Requires a Tortured Slave to build it.

Hall of Blood; Builds the Archon, Warriors, Scourge, Wyches, and Warp Beasts. Purchases cloaking for Mandrakes Requires Kabal Fortress

Tower Of Loathing; A defensive structure used to fortify strategic points. Can upgrade it's weaponry, as well as purchase increased requisition rates. Requires Kabal Fortress

Dark Foundry; Builds Hellions, Reavers, Raiders, Ravens, Talos, Ravagers, and The Dais of Destruction. Purchases vehicle health upgrades, raider accuracy upgrades, and the Talos wildfire upgrade. Requires Kabal Fortress

Slave Chamber; Increases squad and vehicle limits, as well as increases reinforcement rates and research rates. Can be upgraded to produce soul essence or gain an ability to disrupt nearby enemy squads. Requires Kabal Fortress

Plasma Generator; Produces power at a steady rate. Can purchase an increased power production upgrade. Requires Kabal Fortress

Haemonculus Laboratory; Purchases multiple infantry upgrades as well as Archon retinue upgrades. Requires either a Hall of Blood or a Dark Foundry

Thermo Plasma Generator; Produces power at a faster rate than Plasma Generators. Requires Planetary Raid

Wych Cult Arena; Purchases commander upgrades. Requires Planetary Raid

Soul Cage; Allows Ravagers and The Dais of Destruction to be built. (Assuming for The Dais that you have a relic.) Requires Planetary Strike


You for reading this and hopefully posting your thoughts.
GameRookie and DarkOne for pointing out a few mistakes in the last version.
Relic for making the game.

Soulstorm's game manual.

Changes List
Added tech trees for Dark Eldar and Sisters of Battle.
Fixed a few grammatical errors.
Removed a spoiler and added a spoiler warning.
Added patch information.
Updated the credits list.
Truth seldom makes room for comfort.

User Info: Lum1n0us

13 years ago#6
Truth seldom makes room for comfort.

User Info: Lum1n0us

13 years ago#7
Bump . , . , . , . , . ,
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User Info: Xyres

13 years ago#8
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User Info: Lum1n0us

13 years ago#9

Thanks for the sticky.
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User Info: Lum1n0us

13 years ago#10
Truth seldom makes room for comfort.
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