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User Info: kharnthebetray

13 years ago#91
Winter9 | Posted 2/1/2008 6:33:46 AM | message detail
My feelings on Goto: http://s118.photobucket.com/albums/o95/Cythereal/?action=view&current=Fluff.jpg

Goto is on the left. Fluff is on the right.

epic win!

User Info: lubumba

13 years ago#92

People's problem with Goto is not ENTIRELY due to his not so great writing. The big problem people have is that he doesn't care about fluff at all and takes umbrage when fans who do care about it point out his flaws. He basically pulls random words from a 40k dictionary and strings them together into a narrative, rather than taking the time to make a decent storyline that makes sense.

Someone once posted a line that said that Abnett had gotten several of the Codexes when he started writing to get the background and things right. Goto not only did not do that, he went against them in many cases, despite being told that he was writing non-canon things. THen when someone posted something about it, no matter how polite or considerate, he would call them little ***** and tell them to **** off, get out of their mother's basements, and get laid.

Needless to say, I think that Goto is more in the wrong here. Frankly, I only got one of the DoW books, and it made me realize how bad he was the second time I started to read it (it was one of my first 40k books, so the first time around I didn't pick up on the mistakes).

and btw, I think that it is an insult to have Gabriel Angelos use a Chainsword rather than a) Godsplitter (Deamon Hammer), or b) the Power Sword he had originally (if Toth got really childish about his Deamon Hammer), and let's remember, Tanthius was NEVER a Terminator.

User Info: UberRex

13 years ago#93
Shame they didn't let Lucien Soulban write the DoW novels. Desert Raiders wasn't fantastic but it was way better than anything Goto would do
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User Info: lubumba

13 years ago#94

Anything would have been better than Goto.

Heck, I could have written something that would have been a lot more pleasing to fans. At least I wouldn't make glaring fluff mistakes (like having Marines with Multilasers, Eldar with Multilasers, Dark Reaper Exarchs defeating Terminators/Deamon Princes in meele, etc.).

User Info: generalhs

13 years ago#95
The lie I'm referring to is that Goto wrote the plot for Soulstorm. He had nothing to do with it.

He's still a terrible writer.

User Info: OrkHammer007

13 years ago#96

I still can't find anything official stating that Goat** wrote anything Soulstorm-related. I still say it's a nasty rumor spread by the anti-40K crowd.

And I agree: anyone that uses that kind of almost-obsessively descriptive style is nearly unreadable, and while I'm in favor of creative license, if the fans of the universe you're writing in have problems with it, telling them you not only don't care but believe they're the idiots is not conducive to carrer longevity.

(Because, believe it or not, Mr. Goat**, the fans are the ones paying you, moron.)

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User Info: cs_goto

13 years ago#97

blackpaladin09 posted...

Apparently you missed the incident where, upon being questioned by fans about his interpretation of fluff, Goto decided to say something to the effect of:

"My form of canon is just as valid as anyone else's. Warhammer nerds need to get out of their mother's basements and do something with their life before they start criticizing others."

The first part is understandable, but the second is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

I'm sorry, but he doesn't deserve my respect.

Hi guys. I hate to intrude where I am clearly not welcome, but ...

Just for the record, if the record means anything, I must have also missed this incident, since I have never said any such thing. I have certainly said (and I certainly believe) that everyone has slightly different interpretations of the canon, and I think this is healthy. It's part of the richness of 40K. But I have never said, would never say, and do not mean to imply that people who disagree with my interpretations have anything wrong with them.

I realise that people care about 40K. I realise that some people disagree with my interpretation of it. I'm sorry that this upsets these people so much, but I see it as a sign of their passion for their hobby, which is a good thing. I do my best to listen to criticism: I even set up a section on my website while I was revising the Blood Ravens Omnibus asking readers for feedback so that I could correct the mistakes. In two months, 1,113 people wrote in but only 3 suggested changes. Of these, I think that BL agree in two cases.

I do realise that my writing isn't to everyone's taste, and I'm not trying to convince you to like it or me. I know that my writing is different from that of some of the other BL writers. But really, it is not the case that I am deliberatey trying to upset anyone, and I certainly do not mean to disrespect anyone.



User Info: Rising_shadow

13 years ago#98
Gabriel reckoned that the shell had probably ricocheted off the bulkhead and then punched into her kidneys, if eldar had kidneys

I've spoken once to you of how I didn't like your writing and this is why. This sentence does not make sense. It's like Chewbacca. I'm sorry but it's the glaring background errors that really grind people. A Marine picking up a multi-laser as a last resort, ok. I can see that. In times of need, even a Marine would do such a thing. Falcons getting peltered by stones throw by kids and actually being damaged however, eh. Iffy at best. We all exaggerate a bit here and we all have our pet peeves.
I detest Ben Counter's works, many others like them, that's fine with me until it just mashes background aside, like his latest "Marines twice the size of a man" error. Suspension of disbelief, sure I can do that. We all do it when reading 40K but some things are just bleh. There are many among us who would rather see works by other authors who have left BL. It just becomes a touchy business here since this board is the only 40K discussion board here and your best known works are the DoW series. Again, no disrespect here but many among us started with the DoW novels and expected much more and this is aggravated as one delves into other BL series who are just frankly better written.
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User Info: Beriorn

13 years ago#99
It's like Chewbacca.

Oh, so THAT'S the meaning of the C in Goto's name...
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User Info: Sammeali

13 years ago#100

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