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User Info: LonelyGaruga

3 months ago#1
Biscuit__ posted...
should post it on mhfu board. might generate some discussion and get people playing again. i kind of want to play now.

Hi hi, I used to lurk in the shadows when the game was newer but never actually got around to posting here before. Took up speedrunning MH a while ago, finally got good enough to make some quality material recently. 17:29 on Monster Hunter. idk when the concept of "TA rules" came about, but that's the ruleset I'm operating with, which is pretty much just no using offensive/debilitating items to damage/immobilize the monster(s) + no Adrenaline+2/Heroics. I'll work on other MH games in the future but for now it's MHFU.

Presently my goal is to do LS runs of quests featuring some monsters I like, nothing more than that. Of course I'll be aiming for as good a time as I can realistically accomplish. All of the runs are going to be with TA rules. Besides Monster Hunter, the quests I'm planning on doing are

-Ancient Beauty, Black Beast (2 Narga)
-Howling at the Moon (One-Eared Garuga)
-A Single Beam of Moonlight (Gold Rathian)
-Descendants of the King (Gold Rathian + Silver Rathalos)
-Hunter's Fiesta (One-Eared Garuga, Tigrex, Narga)
-Hunting God's Free-For-All (Narga, Tigrex, Black Gravios, Black Diablos, gold Rajang)
-Absolute Zero (Ukanlos)

Though I imagine that most/all of the people who would read this weren't in need of a reminder of which monsters were in these quests.

Anyway, it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of activity going on here, but I figure just talking about speedrunning in general is good too, like what other people are up to. I just started practicing on dual Narga so nothing to really talk about with that one.

Oh yeah, I have runs on just the Rathalos and the Narga for Monster Hunter too.
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User Info: hories

3 months ago#2
nice run mate

User Info: Boldrin

3 months ago#3
Definitely a good run.

Enjoy that you used a melee weapon and only healing and stat boosting items as well.

Good job.
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User Info: Teran17

3 months ago#4
I'm actually considering running FU and 3U, I feel people stopped playing those games too soon. These vids just made me want to do it more... maybe after I've got some of my commitments out of the way.
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User Info: HagenEx

3 months ago#5
Pretty good stuff.

I began replaying MHFU from scratch last week, getting my ass handed to me by the Rathalos+Rathian Elder quest.

It's amazing how much replayability this game has. Together with Disgaea 2, I think those are the two with the most 'bang for your buck' on the PSP.
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User Info: CSplitter

3 months ago#6
Nice run. Needs a Bandicam or Unregegistered Hypercam 2 watermark. Good Tigs and Narga in particular, Los is always a crapshoot.

Only constructive thing I have to add is that during the Rajang fight, there were times during the earlier parts where you placed youself better in that spot that ends up being in front of his right arm after he is done turning so you could react to any attack (dodging into/below it or sideways) while later, you ended up positioning closer to his face as he turned and were locked into dodging below him which leaves you to the mercy of wherever the first hitbox decides to appear.

I don't know now viable consistently getting that micropositioning right is since it's been a while and the Rajang size changes it but that's all I remember practising on Rajang other than MOIing the tremors and dodging along his electric jump slam.

More videos/talk about Unite speedruns is always welcome.

User Info: LonelyGaruga

3 months ago#7
Hmm, yeah. I get nervous against Rajang since I've spent months practicing the quest and just wanna finally get a good run when I get to it. There's a 5:02 Final Invitation run with LS that I tried to learn some stuff from, but it's tough to get some of the things consistently. Link's

I've got several hours into practicing Ancient Beauty, Black Beast now and have 6:54 as my current best run (no Sonics or anything like that). I'm trying to eat zero hits from the first Narga (trip damage is OK), only two of my runs thus far have actually been successful. I could do a lot better on the second Narga still. I'm aiming for 50 successful runs before I try to record a run, so I can get an idea of what kind of time to aim for. I know of a 4:34 run that uses Sonics, but I'm concerned I won't be able to get a sub 6. Here's the 4:34 run for reference.

The main issue is that I can't seem to slay the first Narga before the second one shows up, so I have to either rely on Smoke Bombs (which don't seem to work out very well, I tend to be seen right away despite them) or grab the aggro of one Narga while running through the map and go fight the other one. The aggro causes it to take long enough to change areas that I can slay the first Narga before the second one shows up, as long as I have a good run against it, but this costs time. I think maybe 30+ seconds unless I start in area 7, the one under the tree. That's the ideal start point, but it still costs time to run over to the Narga in area 5 compared to immediately fighting the Narga in 7. I guess it's OK as long as the actual fights go well though?

Speaking of start points, I never noticed before, but it seems that the random starting points don't cover every area of the map? Over several hours of resetting the quest I've only started in camp and areas 2, 4, 7, and secret. The distribution doesn't seem equal either, I haven't actually kept track but camp and secret are much less frequent than 2/4/7. Like I'd estimate 2/4/7 are 30% each and camp/secret are 5%. Never saw this mentioned before. I'm guessing it's different for each quest, since aside from camp/secret, area 7 is where a Narga starts and area 2/4 are two areas away from 7. It's pretty convenient, it'll be interesting to check the later games to see if they preserve this.

User Info: Biscuit__

3 months ago#8
LonelyGaruga posted...
I never noticed before, but it seems that the random starting points don't cover every area of the map?

Yes this is definitely true, and I'm sure the starting points are universally the same and not affected by quest (e.g. you can never spawn in area 4 of snowy mountain).

Also secret areas are definitely less common. Not certain about camp but maybe.

User Info: Hakairyuu

3 months ago#9
Nicely done.

I don't remember it well but I think smoke and dung bombs are borked in FU, never got 'em to work correctly.

User Info: Biscuit__

3 months ago#10
Smoke Bombs work, you just have to stay far away from the monsters that haven't seen you, and they'll usually walk around and inevitably see you anyway.

Dung Bombs work as intended, which is that they are for Khezu only. They changed their functionality to its current state in Tri.
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