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User Info: NotoriousIy

5 months ago#21
get fire sns. hit tail and face repeatedly.
dont get hit. repeat. ded narga

User Info: Melovher

4 months ago#22
Lbg or hbg with mags for fire and thunder bullets.. Heck even normal 2 is enough imo takes a bit longer tho..
Let's all agree to disagree..

User Info: Ze_nub

4 months ago#23
Prepare nets and trap tools and book of combos 1-4 and gun powders and large barrels and a few small barrels as well. Bring mega potions too. Just keep on trapping and bombing it. It will probably take less than 15 mins. Any weapon will do but greatsword is best if u dont wanna bomb

User Info: Kwingster

4 months ago#24
MHFU only lists three Fire-elemental Hunting Horns:
Volcanic Alphorn
Volcanic Gig
Basarios Rock G

Volcanic Gig is the clear leader for elemental damage, to the point where it probably compensates for the lack of raw. If you don't want to go the elemental route you might as well pick your favorite raw Hunting Horn.
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