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  3. Difference in Final Mix? *spoilers*

User Info: Enurp

7 years ago#1
I don't care about spoilers. Just tell me what is in it from US Version

User Info: DarkFlip22

7 years ago#2
Down+Down-Forward+Forward+Punch = "The Hadouken"

User Info: xshobu

7 years ago#3
- All additions from the English version are included, including Mysterious Figure, Pete D-Link, Crown Stickers, new command board "Skull Board", new Ice Cream Beat songs, and English voiceovers
- Mysterious Figure from the English version has been nerfed. His "rope" attack can now be recovered out of, making the fight considerably more fair.
- All Unversed have a different color palette
- A new command style for each character called "Rhythm Mixer" that can be obtained by collecting all of a character's crown stickers and placing them correctly.
- Some mission requirements in Mirage Arena toned down
- New command "Aerial Recovery" in Mirage Arena shop
- New keyblade "Crown Unlimit" obtainable by defeating "No Heart" (see below).
- Three new missions in Mirage Arena added, One where you fight inside/outside Monstro, "Armor of the Master' (Master Eraqus's Armor), and "No Heart" (Xemnas's armor at the end of KH2)
- Unversed Missions scattered throughout the worlds. These are challenges where you must meet certain requirements in a time period with special Unversed. Some of these missions give you "Illusion" commands, allowing you to transform into an Unversed for a duration.
- A Bonus "Secret Episode" that details some of Aqua's time in the Realm of Darkness before she meets Ansem. Heartless appear as enemies here and a new unnamed Heartless boss serves as the true final boss to the game. Afterwards, we're shown some scenes followed by "Birth by Sleep Volume 2", possibly hinting at the last game to come out before KH3.

I think I got everything....
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