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User Info: bd43

9 years ago#1
Ansem/Xehanort's heartless/Xemnas.

So that's that.
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User Info: HolyKum

9 years ago#2
how can he be 3 different people???

User Info: megaman_zer0

9 years ago#3

that doesn't matter

because that's that.

User Info: MScoob

9 years ago#4
And I'm brad pitt.

And that's that.
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User Info: felica

9 years ago#5
So your saying that xemnas is terras nobody?

Care to explain the name switch? Terra to xehanort to ansem.

I swear yall are making kingdom hearts more complicated then it really is. This is still a disney game. lol
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User Info: zerojad

9 years ago#6
No, after seeing that, I absolute say that is Zack.

"Kotaero, Xehanort."

And I also say tha Ven is Cloud lost memories!!
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User Info: vincentchaos666

9 years ago#7
yep i though so too,in the secrete ansem reports ansem said that he found xearnoth badly wounded and he has lost his memory so maybe terra will get possessed or something like that,also at the end of the secret trailer his eyes turn yellow,but well we need to wait to see what really is going to happen

User Info: bd43

9 years ago#8
Xehanort is the physical form of evil - The Dark Soldier is like an instant Heartless he produces, and Old man Xehanort becomes a Nobody and a Heartless. He displaces his dark heart in Terra with the Dark Soldier after Terra gets pissed that his gang got wrecked. Terra's soul is abandoned.

Xehanort is thus a Nobody with a heart. Another, No heart, No earth,
Thinking is overrated. Like Pants.

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