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User Info: Perf3ct_Cha0s

9 years ago#1
I know this is a longshot, but has anyone managed to figure out who it is (obviously I mean Japanese..)?

Perhaps if we know who it is in Japanese we could create a parallel for English if they VO'd a KH character and get some sort of plot value out of it >.>

Like I said though, it's kind of out there, but it could have plausible basis to make assumptions or form hypothesis.
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User Info: KeybladeMasterA

9 years ago#2
One common guess is Akio Otsuka, who's also voiced Solid Snake, Xehanort, and various others. Just going off that, it opens up Billy Zane, Richard Epcar, and David Hayter as possible equivalents.

The Ansem equivalents are probably more likely, but personally, I've been imagining David Hayter's natural, non-Snake voice coming out of Terra as I do my summaries in that one topic.
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User Info: Perf3ct_Cha0s

9 years ago#3
Hm. I myself thought of him as more of a Steve Burton (Cloud Strife), but with a slightly deeper voice.

But yeah, I could see him having the same voice of Xehanort, although I think a younger sounding voice would sound more natural for him
"Men cry not for themselves, but for their comrades."

User Info: angrywalrus13

9 years ago#4
I... I really hope it's not Richard Epcar.
Worst VA ever. And David Hayter would be epic, though it wouldn't happen. <_<

It'll most likely be someone new.
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