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User Info: Wednesdaylad43

9 years ago#1
Ok, so it only took me 178 black rank tournaments and 42 match play games but I finally got 1 of the 3 items I was missing (Pink Afro) and blacked out the Control attribute!

But, it says you get full control for collecting all cards and items? Does that mean each character should have fully maxed out control? Because no characters stats seem to have changed at all. Nobody has a full control bar in the stats, and nothing is different from when I didn't have the Pink Afro to now :-(

I thought by collecting all items and blacking each of the 3 out, I'd be maxing out those stats upon their completion. Is this not the case?

User Info: Harvin_Time

9 years ago#2
I think when you 1st hit Black level, the stats are already maxed, and you are playing only for items. I could be wrong though, there is not a lot of info about this game. How many items are there to get, I keep getting more and more, it never seems to stop!
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User Info: Craig_Goulart

9 years ago#3
Once you black out a card (like control) then you got all the items in that category. As for your stats once you reach black rank your stats don't increase ever, I believe Level 10 is the max level for each stat, I think when it says "full control" for example, it means that your control is already maxed out.
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User Info: Roughdawg4

9 years ago#4
If you are having trouble finding items in Black Rank, try to figure out what you are missing.

Sometimes there is a reason why your item is not unlocking. It could be maybe finind an item that is a prereq to it.
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  3. Finally!! Help wanted though please
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