**Open tee 2 online Players-"SPRING FEVER EVENT" MAY 2nd**

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User Info: jagema

7 years ago#1
Announcing the May block party "Spring Fever" event at hotshotsgolf.com

Set for May 2nd @ 8:30pm central time. Total time for the 3 rounds should be between 1 and 1.5 hours.

The goal of this event is to get people together and have a good time playing some loose rounds

All ranks and skill levels are welcome to join us - this is just for fun.

All games will be held in a reserved room (GF rank so all can play no mater what online level)NOTE: there may be a few restarts as I want to get as many people in the photo as possible.

-Round 2 will be on a "challenging" course

-All courses chosen will have a summer look to them

Here's the outline:

-3 (9 hole) rounds on different courses with varying rules. NOTE: You don't have to play all three rounds - this is just for fun!

-First round will be the "photo op" round - with the theme being spring break... bikini or swimsuit outfits will be required (only for the first round) you may use male or female characters (no restrictions). Take some time and have fun with the accessories!

-If there are more than 16 players another room will be opened.

-Some games may take place befor the main event so come early to the chat room.

**Come to hotshotsgolf.com to check it out. You need to login to gain access to the chat room.

Here is a photo from our last event (easter block party)

Jeremy (CAD-KID)

check out hotshotsgolf.com
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  3. **Open tee 2 online Players-"SPRING FEVER EVENT" MAY 2nd**

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