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User Info: bestcorner29

9 years ago#1

Hotshotsgolf.com is a goming community that provides a way for fans of the Hot Shots golf series to connect with each other, such as, chat, play league games, and speak your mind on other issues taking place in the sports, television, and life.

Hotshotsgolf.com lets players of PS3's and PSP's participate in leagues where a champion or team will be recognized for great play. The website has a chtroom for players to mingle also, and setup times for league games.

Check it out there is an assortment of information there!!!

As for Open tee 2, there is a league going on there right now; THE "IN Tournament. Here are the details below.

There are two different tournaments that use the same courses and in the case of the Falcon Challenge use the same tees.

The Normal Falcon tourney is one round each at each of these golf courses:

Michinoku (IN)
Golden Desert (IN)
Royal&Links (IN)
El Andes (IN)
Olive Coast (IN)

All Rounds are played from the normal Tee.

Matches are to be played between Jan 4th and Jan 11th (those are Mondays). Some make-up rounds may be played only with the permission of the Commisar

This is an invitational only tournament. The invitees are:


Eagle participants play the same courses as the Falcon Players but from the long tee.

SPECAIL RULE #1: EAGLE PLAYERS MAY PLAY IN THE FALCON AT THE REGULAR TEES. 3.25 points will be subracted from each rounds final score for scoring in the FALCON TOUNAMENT.

SPECIAL RULE#2: If an invational player from the Eagle tournament playes all five (5) rounds in the FALCON they can re-play one course as a BONUS in the EAGLE tournament, highest of the two scores will count. The BONUS ROUND MUST be played with the Commissar or one of his designees.

User Info: bestcorner29

9 years ago#2

Here is a previous tournament created by kid64 on hotshotsgolf.com

The Phoenix Cup

User Info: bestcorner29

9 years ago#3

Videos of my Double Eagles/ Albytrosses


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