I snaped this game in half

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User Info: catsith

8 years ago#1

one minute ago after losing to the final v.s character..chad?like 4 times i took the game disc out and without a thought i snap the umd in half. it feels good. now i don't have to waste another minute on this phuked up game. this game is screw up i liked it at the start but as the game goes onthings becomes too unpredictable and ends up getting frustrating.

It feels good man. Its like being released from torment. This is my first time ever to snap a Disc too haha.

i wonder if anyone's been though what i been through.

User Info: GTA_Edm

8 years ago#2
I tell you, I was tempted last night. The CPU makes some impossible shots the higher up you get. Making 60 foot putts uphill? Getting Eagles on par 4's? Chipping in from the bunker 3 TIMES in one game? Eff that! I feel your pain!

Sadly, I still enjoy the game. My copy remains in one piece. lol

User Info: rsdnc777

8 years ago#3

This game is quite enjoyable, once you get to the harder courses. Ive pretty much givven up playing the last half of Platinum level, now Im just playing online and stroke play.. Does anyone know about having a group of "friend" list, like it says in the online options?

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  3. I snaped this game in half

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