Should I be shooting the limbs off the enemies?

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User Info: BakusaiTenketsu

9 years ago#1
Just curious because I saw a big blood painted sign that says, "Cut off the Limbs!" followed by picking up the Plasma Cutter and it said, "Tip: Cut off the Limbs." A minute later I wandered into a dark passage and listened to an Audio Log by Benson that said, "The Trick is to cut off their limbs!" Finally as I wandered into the Control Room, my party contacts me and says, "Shooting them in the body does no good, aim for the limbs!"

So is this good advice, or should I just keep shooting the enemies in the body?

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User Info: Chrono_remix

9 years ago#2
You should shoot them in the bodies still, just to piss off everyone who told you to cut their limbs off.
And then once you kill a few write on the wall saying NO right under where it says Cut off the limbs.
That will show those guys to graffiti walls with their own blood..

User Info: Artikay

9 years ago#3
I dont understand why losing two limbs kills them. I thought it would be cool if you shot off their limbs and they still writhed around on the floor, but didnt attack anymore.

That would be creepy, searching a room for ammo while a buch of necromorphs are clawing around on the ground, snarling.

User Info: slanderous212

9 years ago#4
^^ fail logic is fail on easy you have to cut off both legs and 1 arm to kill them and they can still die from bullets it will just take a long time
CoB 4 lyfe cuz!

User Info: kirkbite

9 years ago#5
no! you should be shooting yourself in the face. why such stupid question?

User Info: werlster

9 years ago#6
"And then once you kill a few write on the wall saying NO right under where it says Cut off the limbs."

This made me lol so much. Back when I was in high school, a friend and I were bored during class one day (how rare!) so we started writing all this crap about our friends on a piece of paper to amuse us. One thing we wrote was "Colin is g@y" and then we showed it to Colin. He took the piece of paper out of my hand and wrote his response underneath it. All he wrote was "NO". We cracked up about the fact that that was all he could come up with. Even 15 years later we still bring it up and make fun of him.

Aahhh the good old days


User Info: Sol4688

9 years ago#7
... No. No TC, you shouldn't. Ignore the 200+ hastily scrawled in blood messages, the 10+ audio logs, and your very comrades' suggestions to cut off their limbs.

They're insane. They clearly have no clue what the hell they're going on about.
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User Info: Kai200X

9 years ago#8
They clearly don't know what they are talking about because they are all dead. Right?

User Info: MIGZS7

9 years ago#9
strategic dismemberment

User Info: delta___38

9 years ago#10
I guess nobody noticed the TC was being sarcastic...
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