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User Info: sobachka

10 years ago#1
So in the final cut scene he sees his wife and she lunges at him screaming, and then it looks like he takes his helmet off a second time.

Was his wife a hallucination there?

User Info: bigkyle

10 years ago#2
is nicole his wife?

And, to your desired question, that has been open to debate on countless topics on the board. Some believe that it is, I do not believe that it is. But its kinda unclear, given the plot holes and what not.

Open: Interpertation.
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User Info: Spirit_Godd

10 years ago#3
No one really knows if it was a hallucination or not.
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User Info: blankd

10 years ago#4
1. He's trippin' balls.

2. EA is trying to (badly) surprise players.
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User Info: phantoms35

10 years ago#5

There's one theory that may be a bit of a stretch but, at least, wraps everything up nicely, and that is that Issac is experiencing severe PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) due to the situation he is in.

If you really start to think about it, this can explain a few things. The game tells us (through logs once you beat it) that Isaac was always gifted with his engineering skills which he got from his father. Isaac's father was always working in deep space, though, so as a child, Isaac really didn't have much interaction with him. In the same situation, his mother (lacking a husband) turned to the newly formed Church of Unitology to which she gave most of their possessions in order to attain rank among the faithful.

Let's look at Isaac's situation. Smart kid, no father, crazy mother who leverages his future for her own fulfillment. That sounds like an awesome childhood / young adult life. So Isaac finds his niche in engineering, he's good at what he does, he meets up with Nicole and is ga-ga for her. She goes on the Ishamura on assignment, he stays behind. Loss follows this guy like a crazed stalked.

Now, everything involving Aegis 7, the marker, and the Ishamura goes down. Two unknown, unnamed, insta-killed pilots, Isaac, Hammond, and Kendra are dispatched to find out why the Ishamura isn't responding. (Side question: we find out the Ish is operating where it shouldn't be, so does that mean that Isaac's crew excluding Kendra were sent by CEC?) It is assumed that there are Comms or Nav issues and that a quick repair should get everything running smoothly again. As we find out, this is not the case at all. Their ship crashes into the Ish, the necromorphs attack, and everything that could go wrong does go wrong.

The theory goes that from the point of the crash, Isaac goes into a kind of shock. The additional terrible things that get layered on top of that only add to it and make it worse. Unlike normal shock, it isn't debilitating, but it definitely screws with his head.

(Some of this is contributed from other posts, so I don't take credit)

This would explain:

- why Isaac is silent - he's operating in robot-mode: receive task, perform task, move on. Until the very end, he is cold and emotionless. Even when he does have his revealing breakdown in the final minutes, it really isn't that revealing or much of a breakdown.

- the whispers and ambient talking/screaming/singing - there weren't people in those areas... why do you constantly hear them (aside from it being an amazing mechanic of the game and very off-putting)? If that's all in Isaac's head, it makes much more sense, and it really makes his slipping grip on reality that much more tangible.

- Nicole - Nicole was dead before Isaac ever got there. Any time he saw her or had an interaction with her, it was all in his head. The only thing this doesn't explain is the Necros that attack Nicole when you have to defend her. If she wasn't there, what were they attacking. One explanation for this is that it is actually Kendra or Elizabeth Cross (the girl Temple was looking for), and Isaac just makes it Nicole in his head. Though it sounds far-fetched, the game gives you cause to believe this when you load the marker into the shuttle. Kendra shoots Dr. Kyne, and as he dies, he calls her Amelia (his dead wife). Let's not forget that in all of the back story materials, we find out that the marker gives people visions of dead friends/relatives/etc. Kendra, given her posistion, must have known this and used it to manipulate Isaac and Kyne.

-Isaac's impressionability - it wasn't too hard for a very uninformed Kyne to convince Isaac to go along with his plan. Isaac was looking for an endgame, an escape to the whole situation. When Kyne provided his "Return the Marker" theory, Isaac jumped on board with it, and his mind immediately had Nicole involved in the situation and aiding him.

- the ending - This would explain the ending pretty well too. We know that Nicole killed herself (or at least it is strongly alluded to), and we know that Necros create other Necros. That thing that attacked Isaac at the end did not seem to be a Necro, it was something else entirely. It would make sense that now that everything is finally over, Isaac's mind would finally blow completely in the relative calm, empty hopelessness of sitting in that shuttle and watching the planet fall apart below him. The Nicole creature isn't really there, but as far as Isaac is concerned, it may as well be there.

Like I said, a lot of people consider this to be a cop-out, but I don't. I think it is plausible, interesting, and just workable enough to thread a few of the plot holes or open questions together. It also could raise a few other questions, too. If Isaac really lost it, maybe the whole Kendra betrayal thing never happened, maybe he was at war with himself as to whether to cut and run or go through with the marker. Maybe Isaac is the one who killed Kyne.

User Info: blankd

10 years ago#6
Only with with the PTSD theory is that what triggers it isn't PTSD-related, PSTD also occurs AFTER the event, so in other words, while he is on the ship and say the ship was violently jarred or some loud noise, that would trigger it, not a relatively quiet video of Nicole popping up, sorrow and despair would be triggered by that, not shrieking hallucinations. Not to mention that the triggers don't match up. (Refer to conditioning and association if you are confused.)

If he was truly stuck in "robot-mode" with no emotion, why bother rendering a little face-palm motion when he finds out Nicole is dead? Sobbing, voice or just a complete breakdown, anything but a silent face-palm is a sign he has some damn humanity besides just EA being lazy, even a voice clip would have sufficed. One voice clip, that's all it takes. Same for the ending sequence, he doesn't even sigh out of relief, this confirms he has no emotional attachment to that woman, now that can be considered a result of being shell-shocked; but what occurs AFTER he closes the window is just some mish-mashed attempt at a last second scare.
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User Info: ShinKungFuMan

10 years ago#7
sobachka: Any idea how you exactly got that ending? It seems to end just as she attacks him for most folks.
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