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  3. did the ending scare you?

User Info: Xeros606

11 years ago#1
it certainly scared me. :( and to think i went the entire game without jumping or anything.

User Info: CardigansFan

11 years ago#2
I saw it coming, but it was still a bit scary.
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User Info: TheGreenRobin

11 years ago#3
I almost shat myself.
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User Info: aheroafake

11 years ago#4
I don't really get how anyone saw it coming, but I guess that's just me. It didn't scare me, but it sure surprised me. I didn't jump or anything.
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User Info: veinsxposed

11 years ago#5
my balls instantly dropped the moment i saw that.

User Info: thecrimsonchin8

11 years ago#6
i kinda saw a shadow move behind him and i was like oh s*** no please dont let there be one behin....ZOMBIE CHICK!!! almost crapped myself

User Info: JillSandwich123

11 years ago#7
I saw it coming actually.

Didn't jump.
That was too close, you were almost a Jill sandwich!
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User Info: Jonah33

11 years ago#8
^ Awesome name.I saw a shadow, but I still jumped a little.
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User Info: Daedelous

11 years ago#9
The entire game was a screamer.

User Info: Isaac_Redfield

11 years ago#10
I just don't get why so many people thought the ending was so "scary" or "shocking". Unless you're under 20 years old or just extremely inexperienced there was no other way for it to end with how they were setting it up. I'll admit it was startling, but only because of how loud the scream was, not because it was "scary".
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