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User Info: martbloke

12 years ago#1

I'm still classed as UNRANKED on trueskill ranking although I have played about 7 or 8 ranked games. I've played a couple of Sit & Go ranked tables and finished 1st and runner up. The rest i've played as multi-table ranked matches. I've won a couple of these, finished 3rd and runner up and also had to quit 1 because my 360 froze. Surely I should not still be unranked??? Does any1 know why this is??

User Info: gamer_person

12 years ago#2
I'd like to know what's up with the rankings too. The leaderboards say I've played 2 games when I've easily played at least 10 ranked matches along with about as many player matches. I'm stuck at level 19 while my friend who has played almost every match with me is stuck at 9.
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