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User Info: smiley1313

12 years ago#1
My Goalie is rubbish and i have tryed buying loads but no1 will sell them, wat good Goalies r there that i can buy and they will accept
check out these websites:
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User Info: boblebob

12 years ago#3
akineev becomes the best from my experience. can be quite costly tho, i think i had to pay over 12 million for him

User Info: loocsinhoj

12 years ago#4
It depends what team you are. I'm in League 1, but was promoted from L2, after being promoted from BSP. Josh Pelling is a good goalie in my opinion.
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User Info: -ben7-

11 years ago#5

Akinfeev From CSKA Moscow

Super Keeper.....

Or Ustari From Argentina

User Info: Frazzli

11 years ago#6
Asier Riesgo turns into a not bad keeper, can't remember where he's from though. Kasper Schmeichel is amazing, i signed him for 2 million in my 1st season and now in my 5th season heas 11 million
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User Info: Frazzli

11 years ago#7
For me Ustari lets in a lot less goals than Akinfeev and for most of the goals Akinfeev lets in it says he didn't move
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