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User Info: boblebob

12 years ago#11
any more?

User Info: rastaman219

12 years ago#12
i gotta say i had FM Handheld the 1st onen on PSP and there were tonnes of youth to sign but i skipped 2007 and on this i found theres not as many youngsters to sign from South America, but Henri Saivet is a definate loan him for a seasonthen he'll be good.

User Info: Maximilian101

12 years ago#13
Nedum Onuoha - Man City.
Giles Barnes - Derby.

User Info: Claudios

12 years ago#14
Man Utd
Johnny Evans
Gerard Pique

Fabio Gilles

User Info: kaiilim

12 years ago#15
Gareth Bale from tottohem(LB)
he'll hit overall 90 as you plays him

Rakitic or sth from Fc shalke(RM)
really good player
also hits 90+ after a season or 2

go for the SHOT

User Info: gamer_playa666

12 years ago#16
Lower divisions such as the BSP often produce [players who have ratings of 10 and above, for only a few thousand. Take for instance a player I acquired called Stewart Woods, who is 20 years old and has these stats:
Striker ( Centre)
Crossing 14
Dribbling 17
Heading 1
Passing 15
Shooting 16
Tackling 11
Technique 16

Those are his technical stats when he's injured.
Get used to it.

User Info: CrazyMadMark

12 years ago#17
I bought Alejandro Prieto (SC) for 100K to use as a backup. Saviet got injured so I played Prieto and he scored 7 golas in 9 games. I played him for the rest of the season and beyond:

Season 1 - 41 Apps 39 Goals
Season 2 - 44 Apps 48 goals
Season 3 - 52 Apps 51 Goals
Season 4 - 61 Apps 78 Goals (5 hat tricks)
Season 5 - 62 Apps 88 Goals (7 hat tricks)

User Info: mightyowl28

12 years ago#18
please visit the official FMH2008 forum;


User Info: mattsdeman

12 years ago#19
sign nasri hes a mini ronaldo

User Info: mattsdeman

12 years ago#20
sign nasri or van der vaart or diego
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