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User Info: samigoe

12 years ago#1

Has anyone found any really good young talent yet...if so then who??

User Info: xiao_wei

12 years ago#2
Asamoah Gyan
21 years old
Cost: About 20 millions

Cristian Zapata
20 years old
Cost: About 20 millions

Both are hot prospect

User Info: samigoe

12 years ago#3
thats a lot of maoney man...

any cheaper as i am managing reading and only have £9.5 million to spend on players

User Info: xiao_wei

12 years ago#4
Another young play u can buy is Rafinha. He is defender right.. About 3-4 millions can buy le.. Potential star.

User Info: ashcaster123

12 years ago#5
Goran pandev from lazio i bought him for 18 million with tottenham n he won world player of year in my second season with 39 goals and 21 assists

User Info: mg92

12 years ago#6
gomes who plays for flamengo or someone likle that hes 40k

User Info: stecollins

12 years ago#7

Bojan- Barcelona B youngster sign for £2m worth £7-8m as soon as he has joined your team

Rafina-Defender sign for £3-4.5m worth 10m after a season or 2

Luka Modric-Midfielder- Sign For 6m worth £20m later on in game

Ben Foster- Goalkeeper- Sign for £4.5m one of the best goalkeepers in the game

(message deleted)

User Info: JHghghgh

12 years ago#9
i have 1 good young player but can't find it in the game. It has him in 2007 version. The name is Anthony Vanden Borre. anyone found him plz let me know.

User Info: loocsinhoj

12 years ago#10
Karl Walker - 17 years old i think..... but thats in my 2009/10 season. That means when you first get the game he will be 14-15 years old... might not be there...

anyway, i bought him for 75K but i think he's worth 55K or something...
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