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User Info: TiamIsTiam

10 years ago#1
Hi All,

Can't believe this forum is still going. Proves that Bangai-O really is something special. I designed this level awhile back; it was my first all-original level I was really satisfied with. I would have uploaded it then, but I couldn't get it to work until now. The file below is tested to load in 100%. The name is Cornucopia, but I forgot to rename it from the working title before transferring it, so it's still got the working title 'ThemeVariation3'. Whatever.


If you're tired of levels where you can just EX your way to victory, this is the level for you. A small, but dense level, with frenetic action, and light puzzle elements. It's not too hard, but it's a bit more difficult than the standard Bangai-O level.

I love to get some feedback on it, good or bad.


User Info: Mariobros24

10 years ago#2
Gotta try this out when I have time...

Best stage I've played so far is probably Attack the Core by Moosa: http://www.4shared.com/file/76806062/4983a54d/Moosa_-_Attack_The_Core.html
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  3. My First Level, Cornucopia!!! File loads in 100%
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