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User Info: ReNeentendo

10 years ago#1
I have finally concluded the creation of my first full fledged Custom Level for Bangai-O Spirits.

I have titled it Forest Temple EX.

You can take a look at the map here (http://thinkrs.tumblr.com/post/907526273/forest-temple-ex)

I have already recorded a replay where I show it is indeed beatable.

The order of the targets does not necessarily mean the order to exterminate them nor to traverse the level.

The level consists on many main sections each one with a name and meaning (setting) you can check the layout here (http://thinkrs.tumblr.com/post/907627451/forest-temple-ex-layout)

What you do in certain sections affects one or more other sections.

It is possible to get stuck. Think of it as a Consequences (the IGN contest level) inspired level where maybe not every but many actions count.

It is hard, I fine tuned some sections to provide a moderate challenge. Some are solved with weapon settings, some with skillful piloting of the Bangai O.

There are short cuts (disposable shutters if you prefer).

The level is beatable like I said and I Challenge you to bring about your high scores, and specially, your speed records. It is possible to speed run it with appropriate weaponry and skills.

The level includes a bonus mode (imaginary like in the good old times) where it is possible to, before heading for the final battle, conquer the test of wisdom, the lone warrior and the pinball chamber without guns. If you pull it off, consider yourself as having mastered this level.

I am in the process of uploading the audio file. I need to wait until 1) i get back to Puebla (I am in aguascalientes readying up for a Congress Lecture), 2 borrow the audio cable to record it perfectly. It is a 38 seconds file. there is no other way.

The file will be uploaded as possible as a Youtube file, a Soundcloud file, and an streamable mp3 hosted in Tumblr.

I will let you know through here and at

Thinkrs.tumblr.com when this happens.

I am already working on a second Temple, the Water Temple.

See you in the field.

The Forest Temple EX Layout has a spelling mistake. It should read Desition where it reads deseition.

R. Out.
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