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User Info: wbloechel

12 years ago#31
I was unaware of that
Warning: Above Post May Cause Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy.

User Info: Tyragor

12 years ago#32
Just one mistake Napalm>Sword
Shoes. Natures bounty!

User Info: Skullkrusher

11 years ago#33
Good work!
Seriously, this series could invoke Buddhist Nirvana. - The Mimic on Gurren Lagann

User Info: Lightwarrior11

7 years ago#34
Direct is way better than you make it sound - it cuts through all enemy missiles, destroying them while maintaining full payload until impacting against the enemy. Other EXs are destroyed by enemy missiles.

I've only just started this game, but based on first impressions, Homing+Shield & Homing+Direct = Dominance.

User Info: Lightwarrior11

7 years ago#35
^NM, guess I confused Direct w/ Break...

User Info: Causa_Sui

4 years ago#36
I just bought the game. Hope is good. On par at least with the bamgai on dreamcast

User Info: Skullkrusher

3 years ago#37
this game is my wife
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