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User Info: PublicAnimal9

7 months ago#1
I stumbled upon these amusing comments while browsing NG related stuff on Youtube. It's from someone who claims to have been a Ninja Gaiden 2 tester. (His comments are found in the comment section.)

If true, the myth that Itagaki made the game harder after game testers complained may not be true. Instead the difficulty appears to have been toned down right before release.

Though to be fair he doesn't complain about Gigadeath, and his comment "the rest of the game was such a cakewalk" makes me think he only playtested Mentor or even Warrior.

"I play tested Ninja Gaiden 2 for difficulty tuning on hard mode way back in the day, and I spent a full 6 hours on the final boss before they bothered to tell me he was broken and impossible to complete. Thank god the rest of the game was such a cakewalk."

"The funny thing is they did make small changes to that fight before it released. There are different checkpoints, it no longer requires you to beat the final level in basically two long stretches. It also no longer gates progression so you can't resupply for the last fight if you happen to be completely out of items (as was my case, SUPER FUN TO TRY WITH NO HEALING ITEMS). But that armadillo....I have a very clear memory of killing him and dying afterward from the death explosion 3 or 4 times, and putting in my notes that it was some egregious bulls***. That made it into the final game XD"

"I played a game that was probably 95+ percent complete in terms of content, it was a matter of tweaking small things. They knew the game was sadistic and hilariously difficult. I really only remember that last section well because i replayed it SO. MANY. TIMES. Otherwise only the spider boss fight in the cramped little room (KBash has some footage of it, specifically where he shows the framerate CHUG) gave me a really hard time."

"I find the games legacy (being notoriously unfair) deeply hilarious, given my (very small) role in all this."

- EvanJamesAudio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsktM4kqNPA

User Info: Raeng

7 months ago#2
Part of me would love this to be true, but I dunno, a random comment on a failed critique is a tad weird. Then again, I've seen it all at this point so you never know haha.
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