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User Info: dasboos

5 years ago#1
I think I've gotten about as far as I.m gunna get in ng2. Master ninja is better than me and I'm not shamed to admit it. I've got afro samurai and force unleashed 2 sitting there waiting to be played. Which one would you guys put in first?
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User Info: MurphysGhost

5 years ago#2
I'd probably for Afro Samurai.

I only played the demo, but slicing dudes up to this is prrrretty freakin' awesome:


I'd literally want that song to be playing for about 98% of the game. Guessing I'd be disappointed, but still.... ;)
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User Info: Massaca

5 years ago#3
Don't play Force Unleashed 2. It's absolute utter garbage. Stupidly long boring boss fights and worse combat than the first one.
I actually can't remember my other complaints about it but it was honestly one of the worst games I've played. I may be biased against it for some reason and it seems some people did actually like it but damned if I could understand why.
It does have delimbing and decapitations though. But only on death and it takes a few lightsaber slashes to do >_>

That or just get it out of the way quickly and move on.
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~ Marisa Kirisame

User Info: gamingdutchman

5 years ago#4
Afro samurai is a cool game and can be quite difficult. Combat is good and explicit and atmosphere is good. I haven't played FU2, only 1. I only hear negative things about FU2.
If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.

User Info: desi_shinobi

5 years ago#5
I have the full 1000G for Afro Samurai and I loved that game. The music and presentation was sold me. Plus I'm a fan of the anime. It is gory as hell and Samuel L Jackson is just brilliant.

But Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance looks like its taken the Afro Samurai cutting mode to the next level. And I cannot wait for it!!!

Play through that first.

I also have the full 1200G for Force Unleashed 2. The graphics are amazing and slicing up Storm Troopers and wielding the force is hella fun but my gripe with it is the game can be completed in less then 4 hours and the ending that left an opening for a FU3 which will never come out now.

It would have done well to set up the opening for "A New Hope"

Get the Endor DLC aswell, with is non-canon but you play as The Dark Apprentice and you get to wipe out the Rebel Alliance and taking out key Star Wars characters.

Shame they didn't make a sequel DLC for that too.
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User Info: dasboos

5 years ago#6
Some good advice. I've played them both before and need to do both on the hardest difficulty. I'll probably do tfu2 first because it's shorter. The boss fights do suck but the force is fun. Might use the admiral akbar skin lol. Then take my time and enjoy afro.
"Scissors are over powered, Rock is fine." - Paper
GT - stealth finger
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