So, once again, the "Sigma 2" fans have been proven wrong

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  3. So, once again, the "Sigma 2" fans have been proven wrong

User Info: gamingdutchman

5 years ago#21
Great post SpiritRover.

It does make sense to me. The same PS/Xbox discussion was there when NGO was an xbox exclusive, IIRC. I remember complete wars were fought when Xbox was the 'better' machine for that game.

That's the thing I've always respected of Itagaki; make the best game there is on the best console (for that particular game) there is. Hell, even the xbox has to work overtime to get all that mayhem on the screen.
A child can understand the logic in that decision.

I'm still not entirely convinced what drives Hayashi and his alleged PS fanboyism.
When I look at the direction the gaming industry in general is going the past few years, I can't help the feeling that it's only about masses and not about quality anymore. So the CEO's need puppets rather than individuals and what's better than an overconfident fanboy to carry out the orders.

In regard to NG:RE, I'm very pessimistic this game will have the same feel as either NG:B or NG2.
I'm not sure if they still have the technical staff around that understands the essence of the core mechanics that makes NG:B and NG2 such great games to play. I don't know this, so all I can do is wait and hope Hayashi's little field excursion is over and they will just improve upon the REAL NG.
If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.

User Info: dasboos

5 years ago#22
For the record on the ram issue, both consoles have 512mb but the difference is on the xbox it's unified so the game can split that up however it needs. On the ps3 it's split into two 256mb chunks so the max any process can use is 256mb ram. That's why the ps3 takes the hit and the xbox can throw more numbers at you.
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  3. So, once again, the "Sigma 2" fans have been proven wrong

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