Any tips for mentor and Master ninja

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User Info: SolidStace

5 years ago#1
Alright So I am about to complete path of warrior and I just want some good advice for mentor and master ninja. Especially for chapters 1, 2 and 11 which i can't stand with the IS Spider Ninjas and other things I need to know like farming locations.

User Info: gamingdutchman

5 years ago#2
Try to get as much essence out of the enemies early on. Use your environment to max out on essence. Backtrack to the save statue when you did a good job essence-wise and healthbar-wise.
Try to save up your health items and spend money on weapon upgrades. Don't be afraid to spam GT. Use Windrun, Windpath and shurikens.

It's possible to upgrade both DS and LS to level 2 in Chapter 1 even on MNM.

Most people would say upgrade LS to lvl. 2 and save money to get FT to lvl. 2 ASAP. But it's possible to do LS and DS in lvl. 1 and FT in lvl. 2 right away (Mentor and Master), given you know how to max your essence. If you know how to, farming spots are not necessary. The trick of beating Mentor/Master is knowing what to do when, rather than having a lvl. 3 weapon and still get your ass handed to you.

Once you get the FT's lvl. 2 (X+A)YXY(ID) IS ninjas and ninjas in general are relatively easy. The lvl. 2 LS 360 ET/UT destroys just about anything and gets you the most essence.
These two lvl. 2 weapons are capable of beating the entire game on Mentor/Master. Chapter three can give you quite some essence, same as 4 and 5.

Be sure to pick up the ToR in Ch. 4. Use it when necessary on the Ch. 4 boss rather than a herb or grains, because you get a new one on a dead body in Ch. 5. Be sure not to use that one, so you can open the chest containing one after beating the Water Dragon, for a lot of credits.

In Ch. 4 level up DCTF to lvl. 2 for Alexei, though I prefer FT. Lvl. up KG to lvl. 2 before the Bone Dragon.

Useful moves early on:

DS: ->XX Y
DS: FS (FS) (b)(b)(b) OL ET/UT
DS: XY (X)(X)(X) (b)(b)(b) OL ET/UT

LS: XXY dash Y or XX Y works great on fiends.
LS: (A+X) XXY (ID)
LS: 360 Y (for dogs) 360 hold Y for 360 ET/UT

FT: ->Y Y (delimb + OT) fiends, ninjas.

There's more of course, but these are no-nonsense moves that are highly effective.
Good luck and have fun!
If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.

User Info: mn_Marsbar

5 years ago#3
Yup!!! Pretty much what he said.

I'm one of the guys that levels up the Lunar and the Falcon Talons to level 2 as soon as I can.

Don't forget to get the Rod of Trials. It is easy to forget and you can't go back and get it.

Use Guillotine Throw into a wall followed by an OT to your advantage when you are fighting a horde of IS ninja (or any horde of ninja for that matter).

Don't forget that X+A, A is a good way to start the combo of your choice.

Use Ninpo to your advantage. Windblades is really useful against hordes of IS Ninja.

User Info: SolidStace

5 years ago#4
Thanks for the tips this game is something else, I subsequently love and hates this game it truely is a feat. It reminds me of battletoads back on nes and the reception it got back then where people love and hate the game. Man at times the game is flat out sadomasochistic sometimes. Like seriously chapter 11 the Resetsu's fight along with IS ninjas was flat out stupidly ridiculous Idk if I am up to mentor and masterninja.

User Info: MurphysGhost

5 years ago#5
Guillotine Throws and Counter-attacks will really help a lot vs. IS ninjas. Also remember to shuriken cancel whenever possible.

What they want to do is have 2-3 wrap you in melee while another 3-5 circle around the perimeter pelting you with IS. Do not let them have their way, it's to their advantage.

Counter and OT the first guy that swings his claw toward you and then GT the next away from the pack and follow him out with a Flying Swallow. Using GT to set up a Flying Swallow in a direction away from the pack is a nice tactic.

Once you've thinned them down a bit they're much less dangerous, it's the initial melee rush + IS pelting that usually kills you.

Also when you unlock the 360 Y move for the weapon you're using, doing 360 Y as you land from a jump or air combo will help clear your landing and prevent some on-landing triggered throws from the enemy ninja (if they are close they will often specifically respond to your on-landing status with a grab attempt). For this reason you may also shy away from Izuna Drop in a crowd. Safer to shuriken cancel -> downward stab (or shuriken cancel -> on-landing 360 Y if you've got a bit more room).
"The act of treachery is an art, but the traitor himself is a piece of ****." - Mike Tyson

User Info: mn_Marsbar

5 years ago#6
The chapter 11 Ratetsu and IS ninja fight is the hardest fight in the whole game, imo. Don't forget about the Windblades is your friend in that battle.
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