Chapter 10 Master Ninja

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User Info: Robin_Mask

5 years ago#1
Any tips? I got 439k essence last I saw. I know that it is crowded with Gajas scattered throughout the level and later on it's Rasetsu fights. What about Elizebet?
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User Info: AzureHaudden

5 years ago#2
Kg's AXYX completely wrecks any greaterfiend imo.

For the rasetsu's just chain lunar 360 ut's if possible. If not take some distance from them and start charging. Watch out for the wind blades though.

Also the quelcatzublu is pretty glitchy. It is possible to get a full chain attack on him before he gets airborn. The scythe YYYYY combo gets his health down to 25%.
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User Info: MurphysGhost

5 years ago#3
If you spam the Claw's Flying Swallow on Liz, it locks her down pretty good.

Tonfa ->YY is a really nice move against her if you wait for her openings.

In general the Tonfa wrecks most Chapter 10 fights, except the Rasetsus where I'd probably use the Lunar. Piercing Void ninpo can help a lot vs. all the Rats if they manage to stack up on you. Retreat back past the save statue and get them lined up in that narrow space.
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User Info: Massaca

5 years ago#4
Tonfa UT's right up to the Rasetsu's.

Either skip the Rasetsu's or abuse Scythe UT's, 360 UT's and 360 Y

IS and Scythe UT's for the Worms. Make certain you leave at least 1 pillbug alive in the middle section or the worms in the second room won't count as kills

Tonfa UT's up to the stairs

Scythe UT's for the stairs

Kusari-Gama jump/windrun YXX for Elizabet

AzureHaudden posted...
Kg's AXYX completely wrecks any greaterfiend imo.

YXY or YXX. Using X first does a single circular attack and puts you into OL status.

IIRC the general acceptance is YXX for Liz and YXY for Genshin. Dunno about any others.

Edit: Actually, not sure if there's much of a difference between the two either in terms of damage and effectiveness, hmm.
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