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User Info: imgoingmad

9 years ago#1
I never played tank beat but this game looks and seems to control very similarly (I've read both manuals, and played this game).

In this game, you move 3 tanks around by drawing their paths on the touch screen. You get aiming/shooting control of only one "user" tank. The other "helper" tanks will auto-shoot. Your "user" tank allow you to control angle of turret, change from guns to shells. You shoot, wait for reload, then shoot again. There's a tiny bit of strategy in how you move and utilize those "helper" tanks.

There are about 40 missions spread across 3 countries in the "story" mode. Once completed, each mission is replayable for a higher score in the "free mission" mode.

No save points in each mission.
No powerups in the missions.
Nothing to collect, however, as you complete story missions, you unlock different tanks. In free mission mode you can select and use any of these tanks.
No stats, no rankings, however, unlocked missions appear in the free mission mode and show what your highest score is.

Control is good. The bad or more awkward thing is that you cannot switch the camera to the other "helper" tanks: just gotta keep an eye on the map.

The mission objectives are clear. Key target areas are marked on the map.

This game has WIfi support but not interested because few people probably play this game.

Sound is good.
Control is good.
Map is helpful.
A bit of strategy via access to those "helper" tanks. Some are fast, some slow, etc.

No collectables besides the tanks you unlock.
No customization of the tanks in terms of access to stronger ammo, armor upgrades, etc. (this is not an RPG but RPG elements would've been a nice addition). You can change color of tanks in the free mission mode.
No stats besides a high score for each mission.

Overall, game is well made. Story mode has quick and to-the-point dialog which describes upcoming missions. So it's not real lengthy, and can be skipped. Pausing in missions will allow you to view the objectives is you skip that stuff.

My score: B-

User Info: imgoingmad

9 years ago#2
A few more things:

Each mission is timed. I've only played 3. Each has been limited to 10 minutes. It goes pretty quickly so lack of mid-mission save point is forgiveable.

There are difficulty settings: easy, medium and hard. I played on easy and it's just right.

There are 4 or 5 tutorial missions that explain controls and how to play. They are quick (2 min missions).

Game is easy to pickup and play.

User Info: imgoingmad

9 years ago#3
Completed first campaign (Germany), watched credits and discovered this is Tank Beat 2.

User Info: dm_punks

9 years ago#4
Heh. You could've found out that it was Tank Beat 2 faster by checking the Data tab here...
but thanks for posting your impressions.

User Info: dim_mak_mofo

9 years ago#5
thanks for the quick review and info.

User Info: David Cheng

David Cheng
9 years ago#6
I'm stuck at German story mission 3. It's too hard to kills all those enemies without losing a single tank. Any tips?
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User Info: imgoingmad

9 years ago#7
I don't recall exactly what I did on each mission but in general:

- I play on easy mode.
- I move slowly, to stay outta range of enemy if possible, but try to keep them within my firing range.
- I send one tank to my left and other to the right, but still keep them nearby me and don't let them stray off too far. OR..... I keep them together because 2 are more powerful than 1.
- shoot while moving (makes it harder for the enemy to hit you).
- stick with objectives. I recall a lot of missions don't require that you kill every enemy tank: just get to the objective points on the map.

User Info: David Cheng

David Cheng
9 years ago#8
Thanks for tips. That mission is to conquer three objectives. Each place has two enemy tanks guarding but the problem is there are tons of other tanks coming on all sides. The best I can get is reaching two objectives but usually one of my ally dies before reaching the last one.

I always keep my team mates together but It's hard to move all three tanks while aiming to shoot enemy tanks at same time. May be I will start a new game on easy.

It's a very exciting game which reminds me of Panzer Front on DC.
Most anticipated : RE5, Street Fighter IV, Operation Flashpoint 2, Kingdom Under Fire 2, Resistance Retribution

User Info: imgoingmad

9 years ago#9
ah... you're not playing on EASY mode? Well, start over on EASY mode and you'll probably notice a difference.
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