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4 years ago#1
Wow, my first thread on Gamefaqs, after having used it for more than a decade...!

Ultimate Ninja 5 sure is a great game in the series, possibly tied along with Ultimate Ninja 3. However, there are just a few things I wish it had.

While the game was never dubbed when it was given a PAL release (for the first time ever, I didn't get disappointed that a game that I really wanted to play was only given an NTSC release - I have yet to be able to play the Xenosaga series for a start), I still enjoyed the original acting immensely (I'm a bit of an Ishida fangirl, I'll admit that much) - I DO wish it had been dubbed, though, because despite what others say, it's actually a very solid cast. When you have the likes of Liam O'Brien (anyone who makes characters like Kain sound even cooler than they already were are a-okay in my book), Kirk Thornton, Yuri Lowenthal, Steve Blum and Vic Mignogna, amongst many others, I can't ask for more as an anime fan who'd gladly watch all titles in Japanese, Italian and English.

Also, having played most of the UN games (besides the PS3 ones, unfortunately), my main is always Gaara. I'm more of a strategic, defense-is-a-good-offense gamer, and there's something I just love about long-range abilities - oh, and he is my very favorite character, so that's a nice bonus. Here's my problem. Master Mode is the meat of the game (I never enjoyed VS modes in any game that much, and not just 'cause I normally lose, mind you) - I had completed all arcs, all missions (except Gai's 50-battle thing, and still had a couple of clones left), and unlocked all characters. I was quite disappointed when I completed the final mission, and my reward was having Kankurou and Temari as back-up characters. I found myself saying, "Game, you forgot Gaara!!" I still feel rather gutted about the wasted opportunity there, because the mission was quite cool...

One other thing, I had no fun having to play as Sasuke for three hours, considering I despise him. No, don't hurt me! *hides in conveniently huge gourd* Having said that, I would have liked it if the playable characters that appear on the field with Naruto could have been adjusted as the character you'd like to fully control in battle - I found Sai to be excellent in Master battles.

Ugh, I apologize that this came sounding more like a rant than anything else. Let's just make a quick recap, and I'll be off.

1) If the game had been dubbed, it would have been a great bonus.
2) Since when can you have the Sand Trio without Gaara? Behold the Sand Duo!
3) Wanted more leader characters in Master battles besides just Naruto and Sasuke. After the zillionth time, this theme is asking for some change... *still in gourd*

For anyone that reads this, I have a question? I'm not the only Maltese girl gamer around here, am I?

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