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User Info: ArrancarMadara

6 years ago#1
I still play it, I find it way more fun than the Storm games.

They sure dont make um like they used to.

Hope cc2 eventually goes back to this style after the storm series.

User Info: Marko_Nemesis

6 years ago#2
This game sure is amazing.. I sitll play it too, sometimes multiplayer.

What's your favorite characters mate?

User Info: Rockman2DN

6 years ago#3
There's a movement to bring this engine back for those that miss it! We're sending in 200 NA4 mock-up box arts to CC2 (one for every employee) along with a disc that contains this video on it:


So far we've sent in 28 boxes since the project started (about 2 weeks ago), but we need more participants!

So please go to 2DNinjas.com and give it a look over!

Maybe we can get CC2 to hear us!

User Info: ArrancarMadara

6 years ago#4
Its hard for me to have a Favorite when so many characters I admire are in the game & with phenomenal movesets.

But my most used is Orochimaru.

And hey Rockman we seem to be running into eachother a lot latley.

User Info: Supra574

6 years ago#5
any estimate on how long it takes to finish the game completely?

I lost all my data :(

but would like to marathon it back
"Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you." Aldous Huxley
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