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User Info: menek

10 years ago#1
Criminal minded....sleeper hit.

User Info: FilRM

10 years ago#2
I agree.
The so called "critics" aka gaming press don't even know this game exists ( it didn't even appear in the "Underrated games of 2008" lists), but it's one of the most faithful portable throwbacks to the 16bit era.

Is it gonna get discovered in the years to come, like what happened with Ninja Five O (which was actually much better, to tell the truth)?

User Info: TsahvongLah

10 years ago#3
YAh. $$$$ Sakes. I was playing this game on the bus. That castle falling apart level.
Anyways i was going pretty furious at it trying to get a 51 combo.
and this asian girl girl starts talking to me because she's like what.
How can you keep up with that. your blazing thru the game.
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User Info: Policenaut

10 years ago#4
Yup it's an awesome game. BTW, the original came out before the 16 bit era.
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  3. Under rated as ****
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