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User Info: magog123

9 years ago#1
I was wondering how to access Modes Extreme 2, 3, 4 & 5. I have beaten 1 but it doesn't allow me access to the other four.

Also, on the grid layout, I beat levels, 1, 2 3a, 4a, & 5a. However, it won't allow me to pick 3b, 4b, 3c, etc

Anyone know how to access these modes.


User Info: Spizzy

9 years ago#2
In order to unlock more levels, you need to play through the game in either Arcade or Ranking mode. Stage mode only allows you to replay levels you've unlocked through those other two modes.

When you choose either Arcade or Ranking mode, it will ask you to choose between Normal and Extreme. Beating a stage in either of these modes unlock them in Stage mode.

In order to get those other stages on the grid (3B, 4B, etc.) you need to perform well in Arcade or Ranking mode. For example, if you accumulate enough points in Stage 2, you'll be offered a choice between playing Stage 3A or 3B after you beat the boss.
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