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User Info: SCCAN85

9 years ago#1
I know this game debuted at $50 and I've seen it at local Best Buys for $30. I was interested when it came out but didn't care for the demo, absolutely hated the passing mechanics (with the analog) but enjoyed the other aspects somewhat.

I love football, playing for real, watching on tv (any, not just nfl), and playing videogames so I've been wanting to get this but the demo turned me off to the $50 price tag. Now that it's nearly half that price i'm considering getting it.

I'm not worried about steep learning curves or anything like that. I enjoy Madden (don't have the latest one) but simply because it's the only football game. I feel like the previous years have been lacking to say the least and while I will eventually get Madden 11 I still think Backbreaker looks interesting.

So should I get it now, wait or try to find it at a lower price or just move on .... also how are the trophies in this game? It won't affect my decision but just curious, easy? hard? annoying?

Thanks for any input
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User Info: SCCAN85

9 years ago#2
oh and if it matters I loved Blitz the League 2 even though as a 'football' game it wasn't great. It was entertaining enough for me and if Backbreaker is anything similar or even much better than I'd be very eager to get it.
PSN: Canqb5
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User Info: BabaBzaa

9 years ago#3
Awesomely fun game with the patch. It takes a while to get used to the controls but when you do it's a blast to play.
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User Info: VaultDweller24

9 years ago#4
its $17 bucks at this site


they are legit, i bought bioshock 2 for 12 dollars shipped but its now out of stock
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User Info: RedHawk4

9 years ago#5
The patch really improved the passing, though it still isn't as easy as Madden. I say that it's worth it for $30 if you want an alternative to Madden badly enough.
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