is this game worth it?

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User Info: JoeyC_16

7 years ago#1
i have been wanting to see this game and how the franchise works. it seems like it can hold me over till madden. i wish i cud just rent it. but blockbuster doesnt carry this game whatsoever. so is this game worth 50 bucks?
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User Info: shadowman1433

7 years ago#2
It's not even worth half that. Don't waste your money.

User Info: phoenix1289

7 years ago#3
Ignore the trolls.

The game is the type of game that you will either love or hate. The physics engine is fantastic and makes madden all but obsolete. There are some flaws with the game such as some ai issues but in my opinion they aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be. The main thing that throws people is the camera view and the controls. Don't go into it expecting it to play or feel like madden. It does a good job on making you feel like you are on the field and due to that the camera and controls can take some getting used to. It can be tough to get used to them but once you get the hang of them the game is extremely fun to play and really good considering it is their first game. I would suggest downloading the demo first to decide whether you like it or not.
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User Info: RedHawk4

7 years ago#4
Download the demo first for sure. You will either love or hate BB, that's my best guess. Dont go into it expecting Madden, and be ready to have a game that's extremely light on features. But if the positives outweigh the many negatives for you, then I think you'll really love BB.

User Info: dafreestyleking

7 years ago#5
If I were you, I would definitely wait for a price drop. The game is very bare, both features and gameplay wise, the horrible a.i., lack of penalties will drive you crazy. I just hate that I picked this over Red Dead Redemption.
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User Info: hotrodder07

7 years ago#6
I say it's worth it, but you really should try the demo before you make a decision. I'm passing on Madden this year in favor of Backbreaker. Some people love it, and some people hate it. You're going to have to make the decision for yourself.
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User Info: GageXandir

7 years ago#7
Wait tell the price drops too 3.00 ,like apf2k8 then kick the wall and scream out loud how you got took for paying that much.....
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User Info: puddy

7 years ago#8
best $45 I have ever spent on a sports game!

User Info: Sparty_On

7 years ago#9
I think it's a fun game with it's flaws I can't stand joy stick passing BB should use the bottons, kicking on kickoffs & punts are pretty bad for at least for me. Tackles are the great thing about the game & tackle ally as well. I say it's worth buying it but I would also say if your saving your money for NCAA or Madden then save and get BB when it is on sale. I agree it is love it or hate it type game.
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