I enjoyed the iPod Touch version much more

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User Info: mweezy10

7 years ago#1
Seriously. I downloaded the ipod touch version, which was just the avoiding tackles game. I thought it was cool, because the camera angle didn't matter if you're only looking ahead at 1 person coming. On a full field where guys can come from anywhere, the angles break this game. Yes the tackles are amazing, but when the camera is jerking around like crazy and you can't see everything, it sucks.
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User Info: PlaceMageHere

7 years ago#2
You know. Tackle ally is in the fully game.
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User Info: YO-SEF

7 years ago#3

I agree! I just downloaded it for Android and love it. I had the game for 360 fora few weeks from gamefly and just couldn't get used to the camera. What I really wish they would do is release tackle alley as a $10 or $15 Live Arcade game.

User Info: Sparty_On

7 years ago#4
Tackle Ally is my favorite part of BB I play that more than my team.
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  3. I enjoyed the iPod Touch version much more

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