Good Deal on Backbreaker

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User Info: GTPSuprchrged

7 years ago#1
I just got my copy from for about 38 bucks with shipping. There are still more on there in case any one was looking for a good deal. Just thought i'd put that out there.
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User Info: kevinlord180

7 years ago#2
All in all you only save about 5 bucks

User Info: lbhocky19

7 years ago#3

5? its 50 in store plus tax....

User Info: Fishingboy

7 years ago#4 has it for $30 (before shipping and tax, for me it was about $36 after).
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User Info: Deathstroke33

7 years ago#5
$36 with shipping? Sounds about 37 bucks too much for this pile of steamy garbage. And before you jump on me for not playing it yet, yes I have and trust me, its garbage.

User Info: Capslock 17

Capslock 17
7 years ago#6
^ are you on this message board?
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User Info: Xerosnake90

7 years ago#7
He's a madden fan, leave him alone. Lmao.
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User Info: ill-thoughts

7 years ago#8
Xerosnake90 posted...
He's a madden fan, leave him alone.


Madden 09 > Backbreaker > Madden 10
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