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User Info: kJHGl

7 years ago#1
This game is an amazing hack n slasher set in a huge open world with at least 20 hours of gameplay. The story isn't anything epic but it sets you as Freya's champion who must defeat the forces of Hel. Your quest has you building a huge army as you go throughout the world defeating the undead forces of Hel.

There are plenty of huge battles where you will fight alongside thousands of soldiers. These battles can be progressed through in multiple ways. Will you summon a dragon to burn those archers on the cliff or will you head up their with a small band of men to take them yourself? By using spells, you can imbue your allies' weapons with magic which make them greatly more effective in combat. Magic costs energy to cast however and energy isn't easy to gain and thus you will need to be strategic when using it.

The combat system is fairly straight forward with light and heavy attacks. You can dismember body parts of your enemies too. You can combine light and heavy attacks together and you can also combine them with magic. There are also more advanced moves which have greater effect on enemies. These can be unlocked through training in arenas which costs gold. One advanced combat move makes certain enemies explode as you use all the force in your body to attack them.

Certain items can also be brought in towns which can be used for advantages in battle.

The world is fun to explore and there's plenty to do. Some objectives are optional whereas others are part of your quest to build an army. You will explore caves, raid enemy camps, explore cliff sides and travel to snow covered mountains in your quest to defeat the forces of Hel. Meanwhile, you may discover treasure such as gold and barrels of ale which can be sold for good money back at towns.

The only major flaw with the game is that there are a few sound problems while in the big battles and the world could have had more sounds such as sounds from birds. It would have been good if there were more tactics and role playing elements in the game but for a hack n slasher, this game succeeded and it's certainly worth owning.
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