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User Info: Hiddenlegend12

8 years ago#1
Does anyone check this forum? I was just wondering if you have good advice for me, im about to try this game.
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User Info: Shy420

8 years ago#2
No, really no advice needed the game is pretty straight forward on what to do. Learn to sneak.
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User Info: Fiach

8 years ago#3
Block (LT) is your friend.
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User Info: baby ice dog

baby ice dog
8 years ago#4
I second that - get used to blocking, and then timing dodges to get the slowdown effect. If you charge into combat just slapping away at things you'll get cut down when you face larger groups/tougher foes.

Otherwise the game is pretty straightforward. If you're after all cheevos, then make sure to infliltrate the cities and explore them under stealth before starting the battle there - there is stuff to find ;) Oh, and it's not too tough on Hard if you want some extra challenge :)
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