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  3. I knew this game wouldn't get that good of reviews

User Info: ohgod247

9 years ago#1

7/10 from XBOX magazine. Wasn't too impressed with the demo, either. Maybe I'll get Kane & Lynch 2...

User Info: kitsune2222

9 years ago#2
7/10 is good. But I would like to read reviews first before I make decision wether to buy or not. I suspect reviewers will compare it to the freeroam aspect of GTA4. Which is bad IMO.
I'm guessing it will get 84 of100 at gamerankings.
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User Info: evil_angel74

9 years ago#3
7/10 is not bad. I think it is deserved. I wasn't impressed at all with the demo, but a 7 is justified.It doesn't deserve anymore.

User Info: Hydrolex

9 years ago#4

Did they review the demo ? if yes then they are stupid lol ! I give the demo 5/10 but you never know what happens in the final game

like god of war 3, the demo sucked

User Info: 127bones

9 years ago#5

I don't expect Kane and Lynch to fair much better. But I want both games. Kane and lynch will have an awesome multi. mafia 2 will have a great story and awesome cinematics. I did enjoy the gun fight in Mafia 2 demobecause it felt viseral and real. Being out of cover spelled death. It lacked the gore I would like to be there, but I can live with that.

kane and lynch 2 will be better than the first kane and lynch but not so good as to claim it as the TPS winner. K&L2 will have a great story also but I enjoyed the gun fight in Mafia 2 more and Mafia 2 will be sandbox (Minus the water, a boat maybe?)

I'll end my debate by deciding to get K&L2 on the 17th, finishing the single play by the 20th and going into multi on the 21st. when the 24th comes, I'll get Mafia 2 and play the game on and off between K&L2 multi sessions.

And then comes Reach and Dead Rising 2.

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  3. I knew this game wouldn't get that good of reviews
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