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  3. which character is best for first time play?

User Info: BourneJasonXixi

2 years ago#1
I chose berserker yesterday thought it might be similar as barbarian in Diablo, but seems it still has to use guns?
And all enemies are so fast, the klays surround me, other guys shoot me, I revived 3 times with money, so did I choose the right one?
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User Info: Toadwartt

2 years ago#2
Mordacai was fun and Lilith is way OP but still fun.
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User Info: Anarki471

2 years ago#3
Roland is your best bet for a first time play through
I swear that link is not a rickroll

User Info: -0melette-

2 years ago#4
I agree Roland is the best choice for a first time, once you get a feel for the game you can start a new character, but Roland's skills are simple to understand, he has a deploy-able turret which helps a lot without you having to do anything and Roland can also put out plenty of damage.
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  3. which character is best for first time play?
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