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It obviously does, as 20% of all the posts nowadays are people asking about these quests. The green marker only points to the general area.
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User Info: facetious_t

9 years ago#32
"Sorry, but this does NOT deserve a sticky. or a FAQ for that matter

The green diamond freaking quest locator will direct you straight to every single one of these.

Come on..."

The waypoint only takes you to the area you need to find the stuff....not the exact locations of each piece as you find them. People are having trouble with with that, obviously. Otherwise you would not see so many new posts about it. Thus, this FAQ.

I didn't have trouble with any of the claptrap quests, but others did. THAT got stickied. Are you going to complain about that, too?
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User Info: Xero-Kill

9 years ago#33
I know a lot of people that have a hard time with this, in particular the Sniper since it is typically the first one you will get. I spent a good 30 minutes running at a rock because that is where the quest indicator was pointing me. It wasn't until I decided the quest was bugged and restarted the quest that I noticed the waypoint was always in the same spot, regardless of what you are looking for... this is what screws most people up because every quest up to that point DOES lead you straight to each piece.

User Info: Minipolce

9 years ago#34

Sticky this please :)

User Info: kisame847

9 years ago#35
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User Info: Velozen

9 years ago#36

User Info: vude

9 years ago#37
Thanks! I hope this gets stickied!
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User Info: Crashco17

9 years ago#38

User Info: Aarkshark

9 years ago#39
So much for this not being sticky worthy, am I right?
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