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This post should be really sticky
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User Info: Zaxdar

9 years ago#22
rahzar- lol @ your sig
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User Info: Kelton

9 years ago#23
everyone request the sticky in the message detail =D
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User Info: Nikedawg08

9 years ago#24
Bump >_>
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User Info: PsyKatty

9 years ago#25
Sticky requested. :o
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User Info: ZosKiaCultus

9 years ago#27
This'll be useful. Thanks. Sticky requested.
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User Info: RahzarX

9 years ago#29
Krom's canyon was hard to explain. He is basically self-explanatory though, it's one that you run into no matter what... I do apologize if you can't find him though.
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User Info: spooj007

9 years ago#30
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