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User Info: RahzarX

9 years ago#11
Bumpadot, bumpadot, bumpadot shorts!
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User Info: CactusDude

9 years ago#12
Excellent, thanks.
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User Info: crazyshorty05

9 years ago#13
GT: Grimbeserker

User Info: coegraham

9 years ago#14

User Info: Recufar

9 years ago#15
Stickyicky! lol, please
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User Info: Katashi1

9 years ago#16
Omg sticky i really don't want to have to look for this later...
If this doesn't get sticked im gonna be very mad at gamefaqs....

(also anyone who doesn't know how to sticky click on "message details" under the Topic Creators user name underneath the first post.)

just trying to help out nice work ty!

User Info: Takenover83

9 years ago#17

Krom's Canyon

When you enter the zone, go right. Let the game lead you to it from there on, if you really can't find him, he is (from the perspective of the right side of the map being the only part of the map for this discussion) at the North West part of that Canyon.

This is very vague. I understand it says to take the RIGHT fork. But just telling us to let the game guide you, is what got us on GameFAQS looking for better advice in the first place. I found a Blue Claptrap on this level, but he does not need repaired. Where s the White Claptrap that Krom shot?
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User Info: azngamer16

9 years ago#18
Thank you so much. I didn't even know these other Clap Traps existed until I played with my friend and he discovered the one in New Haven with me. And I was like wtf is this. He explained there was two he got in Badlands and I got pissed lol

Sticky Request of course
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User Info: mtjormitch

9 years ago#19
Sending sticky request now. many people are going to need a guide like this. it's really helpful.
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User Info: Flying_Ligers

9 years ago#20
Requested for sticky
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