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User Info: eddieismad123

9 years ago#1
I'm stuck!I'm in that area in Dwarf City,just after you defeat the Gold Dog.Now i am up to a boulder that reguires 3 lifter Sprites and i only have 2.Please help.I don't have any skimmer sprites,either.
Also can anyone tell me how to catch a Skate Sprite,too.

User Info: polsvox

9 years ago#2
If you go back the way you came there is one under a rock near the intersection where Mallory met up with Jared and Simon. The other is near the top of the first large room that you played as Mallory alone.

You need to drop flowers to get Skate Sprites, same for skimmers. But that's after the dwarf city.

User Info: eddieismad123

9 years ago#3
What do you mean"At the top?"
And where do you meet your first Skimmer?

User Info: polsvox

9 years ago#4
I mean at the northern end of the map. Sorry, I'm terrible at giving directions. You will enter it from the north (if you're coming back from the "city" room where the gold dog was), it has a branched path leading down on both the left and right side of the room, the only other exit is on the southern end of the room, and it goes to the cell where Mallory was held (just in case you get lost, you'll know you've passed it if you end up there). The Sprite is at the northern end of that map, if you turn over every rock in that area you should find it.

The first Skimmer that you can get is right outside the dwarf city, you can't miss it (but you have to get something so that you can get the flowers first).

User Info: pippator

9 years ago#5

Help, I'm Stuck. I'm still near the beginning of the game playing with Simon and Jared (before they meet up with Mallory). I don't know how to collect the skate sprites - can someone please help. After then meeting Mallory and defeating the goblins you're then suppose to find you're way back. I've reached the water with the log across - what next?? :?

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