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User Info: Metalemperor

11 years ago#1
i say this is the best DS game i have ever played. i love the racing, and it is just as hard as the wii version. i just don't like a few things.

1. if you look closely while racing certain vehicles, you can see part of the car going through the track below you.
2. part of the tires go right through the track like the problem above.
3. the songs rarely play for more than 1 minute. it kinda sucks to listen to 5 different songs every race.

this is what i think.

User Info: Pulsar_t

11 years ago#2
The driving is too fast for me to note any significant visual glitches, but I think they could have done without Car-fu.. However thinking about it the Mario Kart battle system would have been too silly.

User Info: n0t_u

11 years ago#3
Car-fu is basically the only thing stopping it from being 100% F-Zero with different characters. Using B for just the auto-jacks, like it does when you're not near someone, and using it in a way to replace car-fu would be better imo; you could jump and land on them without car-fu or jump over them.
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